RErideD: Derrida, Who Leaps Through Time – Second Chances (Episodes 5-8)

What’s happened since last time? Derrida continues to search for Mage, hoping to find some answers to his recent time ride! He’s unsure of how he managed it, but he definitely altered the timeline.

Following a lead, they go to an abandoned museum, prompting some forgotten memories and causing Derrida to ride time once more. He confides in the other as he continues to experiment with this new found ability, but every time he tries to change something significant he is kicked back to now.

Unluckily for Derrida, Donna isn’t the only one hunting him now. Bounty Hunters and government officials are after the patch to the faulty androids.

Have your feelings changed? Not really. I enjoyed the concepts and the science fiction elements from the first four episodes but felt like the characters were a little flat. Nothing has changed, although the time travel stuff is getting interesting.

Favourite character so far? There still isn’t any one character jumping out at me. Donna started talking to herself and chastizing Derrida for his sins. Not sure she’s going to end up helping them anymore as she seems to be completely insane. Vidaux is probably the coolest character, but it’s still the plot that is the most interesting element.

Who do you want to see more of? Mage still hasn’t really shown up and she seems to have a lot of answers, which is something we need. The final third of the series should start to provide more answers. They don’t have to give us anything, but leaving everything hanging and hoping for a second season is not a good look.

Are you going to continue watching? Time travel! Of course, I’m going to keep watching, unless I already did… The timeline is starting to get distorted with all of Derrida’s experiments. It’s only small changes, but I get the feeling they’re going to become bigger and more impactful.

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