RErideD: Derrida, Who Leaps Through Time (Season One)

With several countries ready to go to war with robotic armies, Derrida, the son of a robotics genius has discovered a flaw in the programming which will turn the robots into indiscriminate killing machines!

What did you watch and why? This was one of the Fall 2018 shows that I kind of stumbled upon. It’s set in the future with robots and space-age looking cities. It had a more mysterious vibe to it which was kind of cool. Anyhow, there never really seems to be enough science fiction anime, so I leapt in.

What’s it about? All right, you may want to make notes as we go. It involves time travel so this could get messy. Derrida is a scientist at a large robotics company. Together with his work colleague he has discovered a problem with the programming for a series of military robots, but when they try to confront the bosses it all goes horribly wrong.

Derrida’s colleague is murdered as they try to escape. A mysterious girl resembling his colleague’s daughter Mage appears leading him away from the car crash. Derrida stumbles into an abandoned building and accidentally freezes himself for ten years.

When he wakes the world is a war zone, rogue machines march across the wastelands killing anyone foolish enough to try to get through. Derrida is rescued by a Demolition Man and his young daughter. They agree to protect him for a fee.

While searching for Mage, Derrida meets up with her best-friend, Yuri who joins them. For some unknown reason Derrida starts having these vivid flashbacks, but when he returns the world has change ever so slightly. He tries to go back and fix things, but only makes the world worse.

Eventually, they track down Mage and make dash for her location, pursued by government agents who wish to use Derrida and a bounty hunter with a personal grudge who only wishes to kill Derrida.

What hooked you? Initially, I was sucked in by the time travel, Terminator like machines, and a Demolition Man. This was like the holy grail of nineties action movies, only it wasn’t. There were some interesting ideas floated around, which only kind of made sense once you’d seen the entire series, however that wasn’t made easy by the pacing and boring characters.

What was your favourite scene? I’m kind of struggling to come up with a favourite moment. Nothing is really, jumping out at me. I’m going to go with Derrida and Vidaux rescued Yuri from the government agents. Really, it should have been the time travel stuff, but it just wasn’t that interesting.

What was your least favourite scene? The ending was a bit of a let down. Derrida worked out the small detail he needed to change to alter the past significantly enough to stop the war, so off he went, regardless of the lives of the people he’d met and their feelings. Sure, he needed to stop the war, but it was all too emotionless.

Who was your favourite character? As I watched it, Vidaux and Donna stood out as the most interesting characters and as it would happen they were. It turned out that Vidaux’s daughter wasn’t actually his, but the child of the man who ran over his wife, killing her, that he then murdered.

Donna had been a scientist working on an experiment that was testing the robots to see if they could develop emotions and a mind of their own. The testing drove her crazy, turning her into an emotionless killer, believing that she actually was a robot.

Who was your least favourite character? Ha ha! It is Derrida. He was the flattest, most boring character in the series, which is a massive shame as it has his name on it. The story just seemed to plod along with Derrida doing whatever. He was a scientist and then suddenly an expert with a variety of weapons. Plus, he acted like an emotionless robot…

Which character needs more screen time? Mage was the character I wanted to see more of, but that never really happened. She was the treasure at the end of the quest, however, she’d been steering Derrida along this entire time.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? Not really. I feel like there were some things that reminded me of A Wind Named Amnesia, but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as that. Then there were some similarities with Ergo Proxy, but again, it pales in comparison. This series was just really bland and didn’t do enough with the interesting premise.

Would you like another season? I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. The story seemed to neatly tie itself off, so thankfully, I don’t see another season coming anytime soon. I wouldn’t say that this has been a complete waste of my time, but it has dropped significantly from my First Impressions.

What elements of the story inspire you? I’m a huge fan of time travel stories and once wrote one as part of NaNoWriMo involving a murder mystery. I still have the draft, but haven’t done anything with it. It’s probably something I should revisit.

Animercise: Yet another of the Fall 2018 series that I watched the first eight episodes in 2018. Just four episodes to add to my tally.

Episode Count: 4 (37)

Push-ups – 20 (120)

Sit-ups – 10 (120)

Squats – 10 (130)

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