Radiant (Episodes 5-8)

Fleeing from the Inquisitors sees Seth arrive at Artemis, a sanctuary for sorcerers, but it’s not going to be cheap!

What’s happened since last time? Seth has arrived at the floating refuge of the sorcerers. He was tricked into becoming a citizen, which has a hefty fee attached, however as he said that Doc was his guardian, Doc gets the bill, further binding their fates together.

Along with Melie, Seth runs around causing trouble and increasing his debt. He’s also searching for a sorcerer who can prepare him to find Radiant, the home of the Nemesis.

Have your feelings changed? I said that I would have dumped this after two if I wasn’t giving it a proper chance to grab me and that feeling stands. In actual fact, I think it’s got worse. Seth is an unbearable protagonist. Sure, he does things for honourable reasons but he’s just such an idiot.

I can’t stand the screaming hero who thinks they’re the greatest thing in the world, but can’t even get the most basic stuff sorted. It gets very tired, very quickly. There also doesn’t seem to be any real direction to the story and staying in the safe city has done nothing to move any conflict forwards.

Favourite character so far? It’s still Melie. She’s cute, but when she flips and allows her dark personality to take over she gets so damn hot! Other than that, there really isn’t much reason to keep watching.

Who do you want to see more of? I’d like to see something happen that moves the story along. Not more stupid adventures in the sewers fighting octosquids or sitting around drinking coffee and working out Doc’s love life.

Are you going to continue watching? I feel like I really shouldn’t. It doesn’t seem like there’s going to be any real conclusion to the season, especially as nothing is really happening. Ultimately, however, I have watched eight episodes, so if I have time I will probably finish the season, but only if I have time.

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