Radiant (Episodes 9-12)

Seth and Melie convince the Doc to take a job that could potentially erase their combined debt, but it means leaving Artemis and capturing a Nemesis.

What’s happened since last time? We start this batch of episodes by spending some time with the Inquisitors, watching a new recruit ponder his choices as they float outside Artemis. They are still waiting for Seth to emerge which means maintenance of their ship and lots of waiting.

Then they chase down a Leviathan Nemesis that is heading towards a populated area. Back in Artemis, Seth and Melie enter a broom race hoping to win some money, but as usual things don’t go to plan. Next they find a job to go to Rumble Town and track down a Nemesis. Doc is against the idea until his crush overhears. Now he doesn’t have a choice.

Have your feelings changed? Surprisingly, it has. After eight episodes, I was getting increasingly frustrated with the series. Seth screams and yells a lot, but really doesn’t have much of a clue beyond being noble. That said, once they finally left Artemis and got down to some real business, it started to get interesting.

Even the episode about the Inquisitors was a welcome break from Artemis. Seriously, if they only ever go back there for a couple minutes at a time, I will be fine with this series. Episode twelve left off with them still in Rumble Town and it looks like it’s going to get really interesting. I’m disappointed that it took almost eleven episodes to get going.

Favourite character so far? Still Melie. The Doc is all right, Seth is annoying, and we’ve not yet seen enough of Grim, although he could get interesting. I love it when Melie’s personality flips and goes into attack mode. She’s a lot of fun when she’s mad.

Who do you want to see more of? I got what I asked for. More story progression and less stupid Artemis adventures. Now, it just needs to continue like this. There was one scene a while back now that showed the top Inquisitors. We definitely need to see more of them too.

Are you going to continue watching? I only recently discovered that this was not a twelve episode season. If I had known that after four episodes I would have dropped it when I got to eight. Luckily for Radiant, I found out at eight and decided to give it four more. Hopefully, it can keep up the energy from the last couple of episodes for the rest of the season. That’s right, I’m probably committed to the end now.

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