Asteroidea by Lynn Sheridan

Alright, it’s finally the time you’ve all been waiting, well, I have anyhow. My addition to the Alteruvium Expanse is available now on Amazon. It is just over ten thousand words, so even I can read it in one sitting, like a movie, a creepy, dark, monster movie.

Now, I know I keep going on about leaving reviews. There are lots of reasons to leave reviews. For one they help others find the books they’re looking for, another is it helps give the book a level of legitimacy, but neither of those are the real reasons. If you really want to know, the secret is buried at the back of Asteroidea and it ain’t pretty…

Anyhow, I hope you check it out and enjoy my homage to the Creature Feature. I think you’ll agree that my choice of monster is memorable, to say the least. Continue reading “Asteroidea by Lynn Sheridan”

Witchblade – Season One

Six years after the great quake that destroyed Toyko and stole Masane’s memories, she returns with her daughter Rihoko in an attempt to start fresh.

A series of mysterious murders plague the city, the victims random and the deaths grotesque. When Masane becomes the target, her mysterious bracelet unleashes the Witchblade, a demonic power that endows the bearer with unlimited power.

In order to protect her daughter, Masane agrees to work for a Douji Group Industries to help them get their malfunctioning bioweapons under control. She will soon learn that there are others that seek the Witchblade, but she’s not going to give it up without a fight. Continue reading “Witchblade – Season One”

Author Journey May 2018

What is sleep? I’ve never been a fan of sleep, it always felt like a waste of time. There is so much more I could do if I didn’t need to sleep. Over the years, I think I’ve slowly trained myself to need less and less sleep. Even so, having a new-born who runs on his own schedule and a pre-schooler who has opinions and a massive fear of missing out is eating into what little sleep I am able to get.

Writing has been slow at best. I have been editing like a machine, whenever I have a break or a moment of silence. Mostly on my phone, but that’s the beauty of having a device with that sort of capabilities in your pocket. I don’t know where I would be without my phone.

So, during May I put my story from the Alteruvium Expanse up for preorder on Amazon. Asteroidea is a homage to the classic creature feature. Think gritty industrial complex on a frigid ice-planet where some freaky creatures hunt down the workers and a couple of scientists. If you enjoy movies like Alien then you’re going to get a kick out of Asteroidea. It is 99c/99p or the equivalent in your local currency.

Continue reading “Author Journey May 2018”

Twin Lives by S.L. Mason

So, this is the tenth story from the Alteruvium Expanse. I’ve now definitively concluded that two weeks is too long to wait. That being said it’s only two weeks until my story, Asteroidea, is released. Too long…

If you’ve enjoyed the stories from the Alteruvium Expanse, please can I ask that you take a moment to leave a review? It doesn’t have to be an essay, something short and simple is appreciated just as much. There are only two more stories to be released and your reviews show us that it’s been worth doing. Without them, we may move on to other projects and leave you will a huge Alteruvium shaped hole in your life.

Well, you’ve waited long enough, so let’s get right to it. Continue reading “Twin Lives by S.L. Mason”

One Piece (Season Five)

Having defeated Crocodile, the Straw hat pirates are relentlessly pursued by the Marines. As they continue to dodge the Marines and have no real direction, we get to find out a little more about all of the characters.

After several episodes of character profiling, the Straw hat pirates end up on the island of goats with the mysterious Zenny. When Zenny appears to have a heart attack, Chopper tells the crew that he may only have a couple of days to live. They decide to stick around to make sure he’s comfortable.

Their next adventure takes them into the Rainbow Mist, a mysterious land that exists outside of space and time. There they must join up with a group of children who call themselves the Pumpkin pirates if they are to escape. Continue reading “One Piece (Season Five)”