Red Sun Rising by Alison Ingleby

Don’t panic, they’re still coming. The Alteruvium Expanse continues to grow, adding more fantastical and speculative tales by an exciting group of authors. (Yes, I’m one of them. No, it’s not blowing my own trumpet, I am of course talking about the others… really…)

This is usually the spot where I would ask you kindly to leave a review, but then this is also the seventh story in the Alteruvium Expanse so you should know the drill by now. Just don’t forget to mention a unicorn when you review The Valley of Souls by T.S. Brothers.

One of my favourite things about short fiction is that you can get through a whole story in one sitting. The stories are usually tighter and more focused, which I am also a huge fan of. I don’t care for filler. Get to the point already. They also have some of the best endings.

Well, that’s enough filler… back to the Alteruvium Expanse. Continue reading “Red Sun Rising by Alison Ingleby”

Forgotten Worlds by Andre Jeter

Alright. Have you caught up on the Alteruvium Expanse? Well, I have and there are some very good stories so far. Mine is still to come, so hopefully, that trend continues…

This is the sixth story in the Alteruvium Expanse. Six! Can you believe it? Organising authors can be as frustrating, if not more so than herding cats. Thankfully, I’ve not been responsible for that task, but I can say that it has been a remarkably smooth process so far.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Please take a moment to leave a review. It doesn’t have to be super detailed. There are few things authors like more than receiving reviews… I think maybe coffee, seclusion, and alcohol, but it’s easier to give them a review.

So, here is the sixth addition to the Alteruvium Expanse. Enjoy. Continue reading “Forgotten Worlds by Andre Jeter”

Author Journey March 2018

And I am exhausted! March has been a very busy month. I managed to squeeze in some editing for Valiant Lineage and a little bit of work on the Black Death trilogy. It wasn’t much, but I knew this was going to be a slow month and I’ll tell you why.

My wife gave birth to our second son. So, I hope you’ll forgive me for not writing as many words as normal. At present we are in the sleepless phase, feeding and changing every couple of hours. Everyone is doing great, well, except for the sleep deprivation, but then I never did like sleeping.

It’s usually the big life events like this that make you step back and evaluate what you’re trying to do. The big question for me is ‘why do I write?’. It’s not exactly easy and it takes a lot of time. Imagine working a full-time job and then giving yourself huge amounts of homework. It’s crazy, right. Nobody likes homework. Continue reading “Author Journey March 2018”

One Piece (Season Three)

The Straw hat pirates made it off Little Garden with a little help from the giants. Next stop Alabasta to put an end to the rebellion and save Vivi’s home. Well, that was the plan until Nami became sick.

They are forced to stop at a snowy island but are not initially welcomed. Vivi calms Luffy and convinces the locals to help them. There they are thrust into a battle to save Nami and the locals from their previous ruler, Wapol.

In an attempt to control his subjects, Wapol had banished all doctors from the island, except for his twenty personal MDs. It would appear that Nami may be running out of time, but a rogue doctor and her reindeer could yet be able to save her. Continue reading “One Piece (Season Three)”

Clockwork Titan by Jon Cronshaw

Well, it’s that time again. I appreciate that two weeks is a long time to wait, but I can assure you it’s worth it. You could wait until they’ve all been released and then binge them, but then you could also be one of the early fans.

It’s always nice to be the first to discover something. Nobody remembers who came in second after all. So, this is the fifth story in the Alteruvium Expanse and I can tell you’re looking at the author’s name. It probably feels somewhat familiar. And so it should be, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it at least once in my monthly reviews.

I’ll give you a moment, I can tell you’re thinking about it. Is it coming to you? Yeah, that’s it. It’s that Jon Cronshaw. Jon is one of my collaborative partners in the Black Death trilogy, but more on that later, shall we get back to the Alteruvium Expanse? Continue reading “Clockwork Titan by Jon Cronshaw”