Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Episode 7) – Muzan Kibutsuji

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Title

Can Tanjiro defeat the demon that has been devouring young girls and if he does, will he be able to get any information from it about Muzan Kibutsuji?

What did you watch?

First things, first. If you’ve not yet seen episode 7 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, I urge you to leave this page, watch it, and then come back. I will wait. Trust me, you’re going to want to see this for yourself. Seriously, this episode is so good, I watched it twice! All right, you have been warned. From here on there will be spoilers…

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Episode 7 Muzan Kibutsuji Shush
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Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 17) – Forte: A Proud-fought Battle

Heaven's Lost Property Title

It’s festival time again and Mikako has got something special planned for the city, but this time there won’t be any guns, just a whole lot of wrestling!

What did you watch?

This was episode 17 of Heaven’s Lost Property and one of my favourite episodes from the first time I watched it. The first festival episode was excellent, but this one is just in a world of its own. I will apologize now as I may end up adding in a few extra images.

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Fruits Basket (Episode 7) – Spring Comes

Fruits Basket 2019 Banner

Tohru goes to visit Hatori at the Soma family estate, but what reason could he possibly have for inviting her in the first place, especially when he asked her to keep it to herself!

What did you watch?

And that was episode 7 of Fruits Basket. It was a slower paced episode with lots of information about the Somas. Obviously, there was still lots held back, but I think we’re starting to get a picture of just how big the family is. There’s still no news on the length of the season, so I guess we’re just going to have to sit back and enjoy the ride, however long that may be!

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Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 16) – Forte: Bombshell! The Angel is a Big Boob

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Struggling to resist his teenage urges caused by living with two sexy Angeloids, Tomoki heads to the mountains to find his inner balance unaware that a third Angeloid is coming!

What did you watch?

Continuing with my re-watch of Heaven’s Lost Property, this is episode 16. In this episode, we are introduced to two new characters, one minor character and one larger than life character. I’ll let you decide which is which!

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Jormungand: Perfect Order (Season Two)

Koko has a new plan and the thought of it terrifies Jonah so much that he jumps overboard and swims to shore. Can Jonah convince Koko not to go through with it or will he realize that it was inevitable?

What did you watch?

So, continuing the letter J in my A to Z Anime Challenge I jumped straight into season two of Jormungand which has the subtitle of Perfect Order. I loved the first season and am excited to see just where this season goes. There was lots of build up and promise of stuff to come, so this should be great.

What’s it about?

Koko and Dr Miama are planning something big, really big. So big in fact that no one other than them knows exactly what. CIA Chief of the European Division Bookman hopes to uncover exactly what they’re up to so that he can use them as a tool for the U.S., but even he can’t be prepared for what it really is.

One of Bookman’s top agents seeks to bring down Koko by kidnapping Jonah, but the mission is thwarted by R who dies in the gunfight. Koko continues to move pieces around the world, slowly bringing project Jormungand into action, but when Jonah finds out what she’s planning he jumps ship, literally!

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