Overlord – Season One

The countdown to the end has begun. When it reaches zero the MMORPG known as YGGDRASIL will be switched off for good. Momonga sits in his Guild’s meeting room waiting for the end. In the twelve years that the game was around, they built the strongest and most successful guild, but soon it would be over.

Momonga closed his eyes and waited for the forced logout, but it doesn’t happen. He is still in the game. Then he notices something odd. The AI servants from within the game have all come to life and can communicate directly with him.

Somehow, the Guild base has been transported to a new world. Momonga takes the guild’s name as his own in order to locate any other players that may have been brought here too. He hopes to spread the name, but his servants believe this means he seeks to conquer the world, and they’re very much on board with that.

Overlord started very slowly, almost too slowly. It wasn’t until the third episode before anything really happened. The first two episodes focused on Momonga and his servants. I was a little worried, but then it became amazing.

Once all of the introductions had gotten out of the way, we finally saw Momonga’s powers and they are beautiful. His magic ability from twelves years at the top of the game has set him up as nothing short of a god in this new world.

They’ve not seen anything like it. It is immensely satisfying watching him crush his enemies while laughing at their skill levels. In the game, their guild was exclusively non-human characters. He is an undead mage and now an evil overlord, but he still tries to do the right thing, all while trying to keep the respect of his servants.

This was another great series. Season two is running now, but I’m going to wait until they’re all out so I can binge it.

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