One Punch Man – Season One

Saitama is your average run of the mill guy. He collects coupons to make the most of his limited income and organises his life to utilise regular discounts and special offers. Oh, and he can defeat any opponent with a single punch.

In a world where monsters and superheroes clash at an alarming rate, Saitama trained himself to become the most powerful superhero ever, although it’s just a hobby for him. That is until he meets another superhero who seeks to learn from Saitama.

Looking to further their income they enrol in the Hero Association and try to become professionals. Despite his strengths, Saitama must start at the bottom of the ladder and work his way up and the higher up the ladder, the more money you make.

This series is amazing. You would think a person with so much power would quickly become boring. After all, he can defeat anyone with just one punch. Surprisingly, it has the opposite effect. Saitama has become bored and regularly gets disappointed when he wins with one punch. This just makes it even funnier to watch.

There is one scene where a superpowered villain threatens to defeat Saitama and then go on a weeklong murder spree. He charges in and tosses Saitama around like a ragdoll, laughing and taunting him. Saitama however, is deep in thought and when he realises that he has missed his coupon day, he gets mad and defeats the villain with, you guessed it, one punch.

Watching Saitama trying to find an opponent that will actually give him a good fight is hilarious. It’s even funnier seeing his utter dismay when, as usual, he wins without much effort at all. This series is brilliant. There is only one season so far, but there must be more. It’s too good to stop there.

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