One Piece (Season Ten)

The Straw-Hat pirates meet a living skeleton, get trapped on a mysterious island, battle zombies, ancient gods, and one of the seven Warlords of the Sea.

What did you watch and why? Does everything seems to be part of a challenge lately, or is just me? Well, this is no exception. As part of my One Piece A Day Challenge, where I’ve been watching an episode of One Piece every day for almost a year now, I have now completed season ten and I’m not even halfway yet!

What’s it about? Fresh from the battle at Enies Lobby, the Straw-Hats flee Water-7 on the Thousand Sunnies, the new ship Franky built them before joining the crew. Having left the Marines, including Luffy’s grandfather behind they entered the Florian Triangle, a mysterious patch of water shrouded in thick fog.

There they meet a living skeleton, stranded on a ghost ship. Luffy asks him to join the crew much to the bewilderment of the rest of the crew. Brook refuses, telling them that he cannot as he no longer has a shadow and sunlight would kill him. He also tells them to leave the mysterious island they’ve just arrived at, but not before asking Nami to show him her panties!

Before they know it, they have all been caught up in a sinister plan by Gekko Moriah, one of the seven Warlords of the Sea. If they are to get out of this alive, they will need to battle zombies, defeat an ancient god, beat Gekko Moriah, recover their shadows, and stop a wedding…

What hooked you? It’s far too late for that now. At three-hundred and eighty-one episodes, I am locked in to the finish now, whenever that is. I will say that the characters are continuing to grow on me. They are almost like a crazy group of friends that I spend a little time with everyday. Also, in this season there are zombies!

What was your favourite scene? Again, like last season there are so many memorable moments, although I think my favourite scene in the whole season was the battle between Usopp and Perona. Neither are particularly strong fighters, so they rely on craft and cunning and it was hilarious watching them trying to out do each other, right up until the final blow.

What was your least favourite scene? Not so much a season, but just a general criticism of One Piece. It really seems to take its time to get things moving, which is frustrating as once it is moving, it’s incredible. At least five or six minutes of every episode is the opening song and catch up from the last episode. That’s basically a quarter of every episode.

Who was your favourite character? I really enjoyed Brook’s story, especially his flashbacks. Hard to get so emotionally attached to a crew that you’ve only just met. Such a heartbreaking moment as they played out their final rendition of Bink’s Brew. He’s also pretty funny. Not the constant skeleton jokes, but how forward his is. Welcome to the crew Brooks. Special shout out to Zoro even though ‘nothing happened’…

Who was your least favourite character? Gekko Moriah, no doubt about it. How that guy became a Warlord of the Sea is a mystery. He’s not particularly tough, but he is tricky and sneaky. His devil-fruit powers are very strong, however. That said, I couldn’t stand him one bit. After him, Hogsback is a close second.

Which character needs more screen time? This may be coming out of left-field, but I’d like to see Perona again. Sure, she was crazy and ruthless, but she had a fun quality about her. It was almost like she’s not all bad. Her devil-fruit powers were impressive too and had Usopp not be such a naturally pessimistic person, she may have been unstoppable.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? One Piece is such an epic series, it’s unlike anything else I’ve seen. I’m ten seasons in, three-hundred and eighty-one episodes and I’m not even remotely tired of the characters and their crazy adventures. There are a lot of lesson’s to be learnt from this series, that’s for sure.

Would you like another season? Of Course, it’s like I said earlier, I’m too far in to turn back now. It was always one of those series that I had had on my radar for a long time now, but never had the opportunity to watch, other than buying the DVDs and that wouldn’t have been cheap. I’m looking forward to the next season and the others that follow that. I’ve got to see just how strong Zoro can get!

What elements of the story inspire you? For one, the longevity of it is incredible. One of the things that inspired me to write my long series is when I saw Attack on Titan dominating the manga top twenty. Of course, One Piece has been doing this for years and still sells millions of copies a year. Anyhow, it’s a lofty dream, but that’s the goal – find the One Piece and become king of the authors…

AnimerciseI saw some of this in 2018, but the final eleven episodes in 2019. The numbers continue to grow. The totals aren’t even at the moment because I’m watching other shows in between and I’m not reporting them until I write the review. They are going up, however, which is the main thing.

Episode Count: 11 (24)

Push-ups – 30 (70)

Sit-ups – 40 (80)

Squats – 40 (90)


  1. Oh wow, an episode a day. That sounds pretty doable.

    • Yeah, it means I can still watch other shows, otherwise I’d have spent the whole of last year just watching One Piece which I’m pretty sure would have gotten boring.

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