One Piece (Season One)

Monkey D. Luffy has a dream. He is going to travel to the Grand Line, find the One Piece, and become King of the Pirates. First, he will have to assemble a crew, find a ship, and a whole bunch of other things that he hasn’t thought about.

The execution of renowned pirate Gold Roger brought about the beginning of the Great Pirate era as everyone sought to find his treasure. Daring pirate crews and flamboyant pirate captains sail the four seas in search of fame and adventure.

Luffy has one advantage, he ate a devil fruit giving him the power of a rubber man. Able to bend and stretch at will, he is a formidable fighter, but it’s his drive and determination that makes him truly unstoppable.

I came into this knowing that One Piece was a long-running series. I didn’t realise just how long the seasons are. Season one was sixty-two episodes… The first season focuses on Luffy putting together the bones of his crew.

This, for the most part, is done well. We are introduced to them slowly, giving you plenty of time to take in their abilities and story. Each member of the crew has their own goals and dreams, as it should be.

It would be annoying if they were just there to help Luffy. Consequently, this often puts them at odds with one another, which is another great dynamic of the show. Luffy is strong and driven, but he’s also a bit of a goof who rushes into things without thinking them through.

My favourite character so far is Zoro with his three sword technique and his nonchalant approach to most things. The best arc of the first season was Nami’s backstory with Arlong’s fishmen. I think that was the first time we really saw the Straw hat pirates band together to really kick ass.


The first season ends with them arriving in the Grand Line, a mysterious stretch of sea that follows the equator that has its own rules. Their adventures are just beginning. Things are about to get exciting.

There is a lot of filler, repeated points, and far too much standing around and shouting at each other instead of fighting. For a series to go on this long, it would be hard to avoid, but at times it does get frustrating. Luckily, they took the time to properly introduce the characters, so now we need to find out what happens. Guess I better get on with season two!

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