One Piece (Season Nine)

What did you watch and why? This was a part of my One Piece A Day Challenge and would you believe it I’ve made it to season nine! That is a staggering total of 336 episodes and I’m not even halfway through!

One line pitch! The Straw-Hat pirates defy the World Government to rescue their friend…

What’s it really about? Back in season eight CP9, a secret government agency captured Robin and Franky and took them to Enies Lobby, a Marine stronghold. Luffy and his crew were not having any of it and stormed Enies Lobby with the Franky Family and Galley-La. This season was almost entirely action.

What hooked you?

Can I really say what hooked me at season nine? I have already watched eight seasons, I’m not about to give up now. That said, this was my favourite season yet. The battles and strength of their opponents were on another level. All of the Straw-Hats saw a noticeable increase their own strengths and abilities in order to overcome such formidable foes.

What was your favourite scene? There were so many amazing scenes in this season, like Luffy fighting Lucci or Zoro using Usopp as a sword. Everything went crazy when the Buster Call was activated and the Straw-Hats were attacked by a mass of Marine Captains, many with their own Devil-fruit powers. Even with all that, the best scene was the return of the Going Merry.

What was your least favourite scene? It seems to be becoming a bit of a regular thing, but Sanji’s inability to fight women is getting really old. Every member of the Straw-Hat pirates was willing to sacrifice everything to rescue Robin, but Sanji just bends over for the pretty lady, leaving Nami to clean up his mess.

Who was your favourite character? Zoro is always my favourite character, but if I have to pick another for this season it’s Usopp, or Sniper-king. He really proved himself to be a worthy member of the Straw-Hats and a key part in rescuing Robin. After him, it’s Granny Kokoro. She’s hilarious.

Who was your least favourite character? A lot of the CP9 agents had really annoying ticks that got on my nerves from time to time, but even that wasn’t enough to take this award away from CP9’s Chief Spandam. That guy was a massive jerk and totally deserved what Robin did to him in the end.

Which character needs more screen time? I’d love to see Robin really go dark with her Devil-fruit powers. I feel like she could do some insane damage when fighting multiple or single opponents. Her potential must be off the chart. She had some great character development in this season, but I still want more.

What was your favourite quote? “Third Gear.”

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? It followed on immediately from Season Eight… obviously, but they are more connected than any other seasons.

Would you like another season? There are undoubtedly times when One Piece annoys the hell out of me. Flashbacks get in the way of story flow, to the point that we had several episodes of flashbacks, and then a flashback recapping the last seven episodes of flashbacks… The series could be much tighter, but when it does finally get going it’s a lot of fun.

What elements of the story will you use as inspiration for a short story? Not so much a short story, but I would love to write a series with a crew coming together and going up against a seemingly insurmountable foe. It would be great to push them all to their limits, making every victory that much more satisfying.

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