One Piece (Season Eleven)

The Straw-hat pirates have fought their way to the halfway point of the Grand Line, but crossing the Red Line could be their toughest challenge yet!

What did you watch and why? I’ve now watched four-hundred and seven episodes of One Piece and I can’t believe that it just keeps getting better and better. Sure, there have been some slower points, but lately, it’s been insane. I need to work out how it can still be so engaging after so long.

What’s it about? Having survived Thriller Bark, the Straw-hat pirates continue on their voyage along the Grand Line. Fish-man island is their next stop, but they don’t have any idea how they’re going to get there as it’s at the bottom of the sea!

With the Red Line stretching across the horizon before them, there appears to be no place to get through. Then, a monstrous Sea-King attacks and Luffy fights back, rescuing a mermaid and starfish from within. Obviously, this is the first mermaid the crew has ever encounter… seriously, it’s the first one, all right!

They help the mermaid and the starfish rescue a friend that has been kidnapped by a notorious gang – The Flying Fish Riders. The friend turns out to be Hatchan, one of the fish-men from the Arlong pirates that had terrorized Nami’s home.

In an attempt to make up for his past, Hatchan takes them to the Subaody Archipelago where they can find a man that can prepare their ship for the voyage to Fish-man Island. There they encounter the Celestial Dragons, the ruling family that created the World Government. All they had to do was not fight them…

What hooked you? Again, I’ve gone too far to turn back now. This season opened with another mini-arc involving Silver Fox Foxy which is always a massive let down, but after they’d taken care of him again, it picked up and never let up. I think this may even be my favourite arc yet…

What was your favourite scene? I know exactly what scene this is. There is no hesitation whatsoever. I think this scene may be the most satisfactory moment in every show in every medium that I’ve ever seen. It was glorious.

So, on the Subaody Archipelago slave trading still exists at the desire of the Celestial Dragons and the Marines turn a blind eye to it. Fish-men are also viewed as second class citizens, but mermaids, however, are in high demand and can sell for a lot of money.

The mermaid, Camie is kidnapped at the amusement park and taken to an auction house. The Straw-hats desperately try to track down her location, all going off in different directions. Once they’ve located her, they all head to the auction house.

Some arrive early and attempt to get her back, but with the Marine presence and the Celestial Dragons, they decide to try and win the auction and buy Camie back. Unfortunately, one of the Celestial Dragons jumps the guns and bids more than anyone else can afford.

Luffy and Zoro arrive late, crashing into the auction house. Luffy demands they give Camie back. Right about now, my blood was boiling at the whole scenario. Hatchan tries to stop Luffy from doing anything rash and gets shot by one of the Celestial Dragons, who then makes a big song and dance about it. Then, Luffy does what Luffy does best. What a moment!

What was your least favourite scene? Any scene involving the Celestial Dragons. They really are the epitome of scum, enforcing my views on aristocracy and hereditary titles. I’m just disappointed that Luffy didn’t kill them.

Who was your favourite character? Luffy for that punch alone. Otherwise, I would have said Silvers Raleigh. That guy was immense and ever time he was on the screen it was impossible to look away. The world in which One Piece takes place has shown some incredible development as of late and this season was no exception.

Who was your least favourite character? It has to be the youngest Celestial Dragon with his snotty nose and appalling personality. Honestly, that probably was what they were going for so it’s a massive success, especially as it made the punch that much more incredible.

Which character needs more screen time? We got to see a load of other pirate captains and their crews, which was awesome. Each of them had taken a different route along the Grand Line and no doubt had equally insane adventures as the Straw-hats. I’d love to see more of their adventures too, especially Trafalgar Law and Jewelry Bonney.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? I said it in the review for the last season, but I’ll repeat myself. This series is epic on a level I’ve not experienced before. The characters are all incredibly interesting and remain so even after four hundred episodes. The world just seems to get bigger and more incredible. It really is a stunning adventure. So, no, not really.

Would you like another season? Haha! This question seems kind of redundant. As of writing this review, I think there are eight-hundred and seventy-two episodes, so I’ve still got quite a way before I’ve caught up and even then it’s not finished. It’s hard to believe it can keep increasing the stakes and adventures, but at this point, it’s also hard not to. This really is an awesome series.

What elements of the story inspire you? I am totally in awe of the depth of the story. The amount of planning that must have gone in at the early stages is unreal. I know that, not everything would have been planned, but there would have been a lot and the way it keeps expanding and developing is still just a wonder to behold.

AnimerciseSo, the One Piece seasons all vary in length and this one was twenty-six episodes long which will see a nice addition to my Animercise totals. On top of that seven of them fell into the triple exercise range that I implemented as of February.

Episode Count: 26 (114)

Push-ups – 130 (610)

Sit-ups – 140 (610)

Squats – 130 (580)

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