My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

All Might has been invited to the floating research island I. It’s the summer break at school and he has asked Midoriya to accompany him. Once they’ve cleared the state of the art security they are greeted by Melissa Shield, the daughter of All Might’s old partner.

Noticing that All Might is struggling to keep his hero form, David Shield convinces Melissa to give Midoriya a preview of the I-expo, a fair for all things hero related. Midoriya quickly learns that he’s not the only member of Class 1A to have come to the island.

During a fancy reception to officially open the I-Expo a team of villains take over the island, capturing all the pro-heroes. Midoriya and his friends will have to overcome incredible odds if they are to save the day.

Firstly, this movie was awesome. It has all your favourite characters from the series, a couple of new ones, and plenty of twists and turns. There’s also tons of action and the final battle is out of this world. So many excellent moments, it’s hard to believe it was only 96 minutes long.

I loved the moment Uraraka appeared and how all the other classmates were quickly revealed. There were some really funny moments and lots of nods to the series. The audience at my screening got so into it, half of them yelled ‘Plus Ultra’ at one point.

Now, let’s talk about the final battle (may contain spoilers). That was epic. It was so completely and utterly epic. Every time it looked like Midoriya was going to win, the villains pulled another trick out of the bag. Then All Might showed up and boom. More epicness. Then the villain became stronger and revealed his connections to you know who. All of this was insane and amazing. Ultimately, when Midoriya and All Might teamed up, aided by the other class members of 1A, it jumped to a whole other level. I loved this movie. Plus Ultra!


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