My Hero Academia (Season Two)

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In a show of strength, the U.A. Sports Festival goes ahead as planned despite the recent villain attack. It consists of three rounds – an obstacle course, a cavalry charge, and a head-to-head tournament. Midoriya, still unable to control the powers All Might gave him, uses all of his cunning and smarts to win the obstacle course.

But this just puts a target on his back in the cavalry charge and his team only just scrape through at the last moment. The head-to-head tournament puts each of the heroes-in-training in one on one bouts where only the winner advances. It’s no real surprise who wins, but I’m not saying anything.

Following the U.A. Sports Festival, all of the heroes are assigned internships with professional heroes. To All Might’s horror, Midoriya is assigned to his former teacher, Gran Torino. Meanwhile, a villain emerges who sees the current hero statuses as anything but heroic is on a one-man crusade to change things

My Hero Academia Season 2 Kirishima

This series is amazing. The season started with a one-episode recap of season one, and while I normally don’t bother with recap episodes I did in this instance. It was as if all of the feelings and emotion of the first season were reborn. I am really enjoying this story.

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With the U.A. Sports Festival, we get to see more of Class A, and are introduced to Class B, the tech students and some business students… There are so many awesome characters with a wide variety of quirks. The room for this series to grow is amazing. Not to mention the established pro-heroes.

My Hero Academia Season 2 Deku and Bakago

In the final arc of the season, the students are paired up and must face one of their teachers in a battle. Again this is another great way to see more of the students and what they are capable of. The results are surprising and thoroughly entertaining. Seriously, if you haven’t started watching this by now, then I don’t know what to say to you…

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