My Hero Academia (Season Three)

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At the end of season two, the members of Class 1A were desperately trying to pass their exams so that they could attend the summer training camp. It was another logical deception from Aizawa Sensei, as they all get to go. Not long after settling in, they are attacked by a group of villains.

They survived the attack, but not everything went well. Bakugo was kidnapped by the League of Villains with the aim to turn him to their side. Midoriya leads a small group of classmates to attempt to save him. Meanwhile, the pro-heroes have organised a massive offensive against the League. Everything seems to be going well until All Might’s nemesis shows up.

After a public backlash, U.A. implements dorms for the students. With the new term beginning, they start to work on their ultimate moves in preparation for the provisional hero licensing exams. There, they will be up against the brightest hero students from across the country.

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This series just keeps getting better. More of the students are getting some time to shine, and we’re seeing a little more from Class 1B and even from other schools. There is so much material to work with it’s mind-blowing.

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Once again there were so many amazing moments, that left you flabbergasted. Midoriya saving Koda at the summer camp, All Might passing on the torch to Midoriya, Midoriya’s mother initially refusing to let him go back to UA. And then the licensing exam. I feel like it’s impossible to cover everything. I just want more.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Exam

That said, I do have a couple of small issues. Firstly, Minetta seems to be getting creepier and creepier. I feel like that needs raining in a little. Then, the one thing that I still can’t seem to get my head around is Bakugo. His treatment of Midoriya from the beginning of episode one has been nothing short of villainous and so far he has not even come close to redeeming himself. This seems like something the academy should be focused on.

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  1. Mineta is my least favourite character. His prevy antics weren’t funny the first time and have gotten old after three seasons. That’s saying a lot, as I don’t mind perverted characters in other shows. I guess Bakugo is like Wolverine. An anti-hero who always squabbles with the team’s boy scout character.

  2. Yeah, same. He started out being kind of funny, but he’s just getting worse.

    My issue with Bakugo stems from the first episode where he told Midoriya to jump off the roof so that he could be reborn as someone with a quirk, and he’s never done anything to redeem himself.

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