Murder Princess – Season One

The Kingdom of Forland is under attack from within. Former royal scientist, Dr Akamashi is leading a coup d’etat with his manufactured monsters. He kills the King but Princess Alita manages to escape in search of help.

A joint near-death experience sees the Princess swapping bodies with Falis, a renowned bounty hunter. She pleads with Falis to help her save her home. Reluctantly, Falis agrees hoping to find a way to switch their bodies back.

Falis retakes the kingdom and assumes the throne as the Princess, while the Princess, still in Falis’ body becomes her handmaid in order to assist her. Only a few close advisors know the truth behind the Princess’ sudden newly acquired fighting skills.

But Dr Akamashi isn’t finished. He has many more tricks up his sleeve and he might not even by the biggest of their concerns. Something sinister is approaching that could threaten more than just the Kingdom of Forland.

This is a nice little series. It’s only six episodes long, so don’t expect too much backstory or character development. That said the dynamic between the Princess and Falis is entertaining. And when the Princess, I’m referring to Falis’ spirit in the Princess’ body, starts kicking ass it is a lot of fun.

Again, there really isn’t enough for it to be much more than a simple story with some cool fights and nice set pieces. I think there was a lot of potential to make it longer or even do a bigger follow up, but that seems unlikely.

Take it for what it is. A fun, sword swinging, body swapping, ass-kicking couple of hours. They can’t all be Claymore, but I wish they were.

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