Author Journey May 2017

Well, the snow has gone and things are starting to warm up. I’ve probably got a month before it’s too hot… I feel like May has been the quietest month so far this year or maybe, I just had my head down so I didn’t notice.

After writing almost fifty-three thousand words last month, I was looking to keep the momentum going. Well, it worked. I am flying now and it’s all down to building the habit gradually, which makes sense. You don’t decide to run a marathon a day before the event. It takes months and months of incremental improvements. Well, this is the same thing.

Of course, my twisted imagination must take some of the credit. Even with my rough outline, I am amazed at how easy it has been to keep coming up with new material. There have been a couple of moments where I’ve not been sure where to go. More often than not it can be resolved by adding more problems for Val. It’s surprising how many things can be fixed with more zombies…

So, with all this talk of my writing output, you probably want to see some numbers. Ready? You might want to sit down for this. I mean I was when I did it, so it only seems fair. My total word count for 2017 now stands at 218,586. That’s crazy, right? Last year, I don’t think I wrote more than fifty-thousand words total, while this month alone I wrote 55,187.

I mentioned last month that I had started watching The OA. Well, I have now finished it. I loved it… right up until the last episode. So much potential, so much mystery and intrigue, all of it wasted with a bizarre ending and a serious lack of answers. Now, I love an ending that makes you think. The ‘aha!’ moment is one of my favourites, but this didn’t have an ‘aha!’ moment. It was more of a ‘What now?” moment. Let me know if you’ve seen it. We can compare notes.

Obviously, I watched a couple of anime films, one great, one not so great. I also started a new series called The Knights of Sidonia. It’s from the same people that made the great film, so I have high hopes for that. I’m only two episodes in so far.

My plan for June is to finish the first drafts of the first twenty-six volumes of my series. I think I have another thirty thousand words to go, but I also have family coming to visit in June so my time could be limited. Either way, I’m almost at the end of this phase.


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