Maken-ki (Season Two)

Fresh from summer training camp (you’ll want to check out the OVAs for that one) the students return to Tenbi Academy to continue their training. Things are about to get a whole lot crazier…

What did you watch and why? This was season two of Maken-ki and having finished season one and the OVAs, and still working through Ergo Proxy, I had no choice but to continue… seriously, though this series is hilarious.

What’s it about? It’s basically more of the same, but a little bit cruder, more lewder, and this time there is more of a story. I say more, but it’s still not a lot, but that doesn’t matter.

In season two, the Maken-ki team track down a lingerie thief, get transformed into cat girls, attend a manga and cosplay convention, and a whole host of other brilliant yet bizarre situations.

Again, this series has a lot of fan-service, possibly the most I’ve seen in one show… well, apart from Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid… It is stupid, but wildly entertaining. If that stuff doesn’t upset you it’s well worth the time.

What hooked you? Basically, I had so much fun watching the first season, there was no way I was not going to continue. If they make more, I will be in there like swimwear… For the most part, the cast is likable and even though they go through some pretty crazy scenarios, there’s a lot that you can relate to.

What was your favourite scene? In one episode, Aki, the incredibly attractive school nurse is getting harassed by her mother for still be single. In a moment of panic, and because Takeru has just come into the medical room with a bloody face, she takes a quick picture with him and sends it to her mother, telling her that Takeru is her boyfriend…

Cut scene later and Aki and Takeru wake up on a desert island, handcuffed together. There’s a note from Aki’s mother, saying that this is her gift to them as a couple. It’s also to teach them how to endure as a couple. The whole scenario as wonderful as it would be was actually done with a fair amount of class and sincerity.

Takeru could have been the usually pervy jerk, but he stepped up and was kind and thoughtful. Even in the middle of all the fan-service and hilarious situations, they managed to create a sweet and touching (no pun intended) episode.

What was your least favourite scene? On the complete flip-side, there is an episode where Kodama buys an antique stuffed bear. He turns out to have the spirit of a German pervert trapped inside and continues to fondle and harass the girls all while trying to get ride of Takeru.

It had a few funny moments, but on the whole Rudolf, that’s the bear’s name, was annoying as hell. It literally couldn’t have been more different to my favourite episode if it tried.

Who was your favourite character? I enjoyed the more exposure of the teachers in season two, they were a lot of fun, especially the flash back episode to when they founded Maken-ki, no doubt in a time before Tenbi became an all-girls academy, before switching back to co-ed. Anyhow, my favourite of the teachers was Minori, the principal and physical education teacher.

Who was your least favourite character? This time it goes to Kengo, Takeru’s best friend who is an even bigger pervert. The episode where he assumed the principal’s job was just a little too crazy. Again, it had funny moments, but he seemed to enjoy his role as the ruthless dictator a little too much.

Which character needs more screen time? In season one, I said I would like to see Azuki get more time, and she did. She even had a great episode where the student president mistook her for a boy and fell for her/him. So, the next character I’d like to see more of is the student president’s assistant, Yuka. She had some of the best lines in this series, but is often on the fringes.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? I mentioned in the review for season one that is was similar to High School DxD on a number of levels. I also mentioned that it has a lot of nudity and fan-service, in fact, the only show I’ve seen with more would be Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid… so, you might want to check that out!

Would you like another season? Nothing has changed since yesterday, I would love another season. I have just noticed that there is a ton of manga, twenty-one books so far, so I’m going to have to hunt those down too. It really isn’t a clever series, I’m not going to pretend that for one second, but it is a lot of fun and a great way to relax and have a laugh.

What elements of the story inspire you? As with all the best harem comedies, having variety with your characters is essential. Not only that, but giving them their own stories too. It can’t just be about the central protagonist. Some of the best episodes barely feature Takeru…

Animercise: This was another catch-up review from 2018, so there is no animercise update, but don’t worry the first real update should be out tomorrow.

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  1. It’s weird. Because I hated Maken-ki (still do) but Maken-ki 2 I actually legit like, I think it’s SO much better than the first season in every conceivable way.

    • Yeah, the second season had more going for it. Season one was more just a series of gags.

  2. Your favourite scene made me laugh.
    Still didn’t jog any memories for me, but that’s a pretty funny anime situation!

    • The controlling parents are as common as the ones that go away on business for years at a time it would appear.

      Maybe we should rewatch as the next collaborative project… haha!

    • That would be pretty fun haha.
      A part of me has wanted to go back and rewatch some ecchi.
      What about something like Ikkitousen or Sekirei?

    • It would be a laugh. I’ve not seen either of those (apart from a couple episodes of Ikkitousen).

    • I’m Yomu#2764 on discord if your up for it. Both have a lot of ecchi + fighting similar to Maken-ki, although I guess they also have more defined stories as well.

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