Maken-ki (Season One)

When Tenbi Academy, previously an all-girl high school converts to co-ed, Takeru didn’t need much convincing to join, but he’s about to learn that girls kick ass too!

What did you watch and why? I was in the middle of watching Ergo Proxy, and while I loved that series, it is a little heavy, so to break things up I started watching a couple episodes of something a little more lighthearted and fun. Enter Maken-ki!

What’s it about? Tenbi Academy is an exclusive high school for students with the ability to control magic called Elements and wield powerful weapons called Maken. It is designed to prepare the students to use their gifts in the rest of the world once they graduate.

Takeru is just your average pervy guy. His childhood friend, Haruko was already a student when the Academy switched from all-girls to co-ed, so she was excited to be able to spend more time with her friend, but Takeru was just excited…

Before long, Haruko convinces Takeru to join the student council as a part of Maken-ki, a group that polices the battles between students as they test out their abilities. They also make sure that nothing untoward is going on within the student body… not that body… you’re as bad as Takeru!

What hooked you? So, the first episode wasn’t anything special. Haruko walks Takeru to school for his first day and then leaves him to explore as she prepares for the welcome assembly. Takeru instantly gets into trouble, caught between two girls fighting and then accidentally seeing another girl’s underwear.

Then at the assembly, Kodama, the girl with the underwear, challenges Takeru to a fight there and then. He refuses to back down despite Haruko’s attempts to convince him otherwise. The fight doesn’t go well for Takeru, until another girl steps in a stops the fight, claiming to be his fiance…

This is where it finally gets interesting. Takeru had been assigned a dorm room to himself, but the council decided to allow his fiance, Inaho to live with him. Then Kodama takes it upon herself to move in with them and make sure nothing naughty happens. Well, Haruko is not having this, so she moves in too. Now, Takeru is living with three girls. One who hates him, another who claims to be his fiance, and a third who secretly loves him. Comedy gold!

What was your favourite scene? There is only a fairly loose story thread leading through the entire series, so that means most episodes have their own adventures. How do I choose between the hot springs episode, the water cavalry battle, or even the maid cafe. As long as you’re not looking for something too serious, I think you’ll have a lot of silly fun with this series.

What was your least favourite scene? It’s probably the first half of the first episodes, maybe even the first three-quarters. At first, it’s slow and obviously full of the usual harem comedy cliches, but it really does pick up and there really are a lot of girls of varying sizes…

Who was your favourite character? I found that the girls were far more relatable and enjoyable than the guys in Maken-ki as they often embody the more annoying traits of the harem protagonist. My favourite out of all of them was Haruko. She was the most interesting with her continued conflict as to how she felt about Takeru.

Who was your least favourite character? This one is easy. Takeru was my least favourite character without a doubt. Sure, he occasionally did the right thing and had some good moments. Yes, his catchphrase is one of my favourite of all time – ‘I regret nothing!’, but he was also a bit of an idiot and often times a little too much of a douche.

Which character needs more screen time? Another easy one. She was my second favourite character and probably, lost out to Haruko because she wasn’t in it enough. It is Azuki. She is the aggressive girl with the nose strip on all the time. I love her attitude and she’s also tough.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? The closest is High School DxD. Both take place in a high school that has recently become co-ed, both have a large amount of nudity and fan-service. Maken-ki has less of an overall story, but it more than makes up for it with the countless hilarious games and adventures. This is definitely not for anyone who is upset by boobs.

Would you like another season? Admittedly, I saw this 2018 and am only now getting to the review, so I have already seen the second season and several of the OVAs. That said, I would absolutely love more of the same. This was a lot of fun with some great moments. It’s ideal for light entertainment, especially when you’re working through something a little heavier. It’s one I would definitely watch again.

What elements of the story inspire you? I have actually plotted out an anime-inspired harem comedy of my own. It doesn’t take place in a high school and it does have more of a story, but I would gladly look at the individual episodes of shows like this to get ideas for crazy games, something that Maken-ki and Heaven’s Lost Property both do very well.

Animercise: This was another catch-up review from 2018, so there is no animercise update. Nothing has changed since SSSS.Gridman.

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  1. I tried to get into this series, but the appearance of the main just really put me off. He just doesn’t look good, and that’s REALLY strange cause this show is boobs and butts all the way.

    I just can’t stand the appearance of the male lead.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      He is without a doubt the weak point of the series. Even if they’d just drawn him to be a little more average looking it would have elevated the whole show. If you can get past him, it really is a lot of fun.

    • I’ll have to give it another shot, but ugh it’s a big hump to get over.

      Just like dem titties.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Haha! It’s worth the effort. I’m tempted to rewatch it later in the year.

  2. I watched this a long time ago, and know that I did, but I just can’t remember anything from it haha. I think I enjoyed it at the time though

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Haha! Sounds about right. The story is basic and focuses on silly situations. Good mindless fun. If it had had a likeable lead male and an actual story it would have been excellent.

    • I think that’s what is so great about anime like highschool dxd, and HOTD. The stories are great and can easily hold their ground as is, so the ecchi is in a way a bonus

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yes, definitely. Ecchi should always be a bonus to a great story.

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