Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Episodes 1-4)

Three years after the Magical Girls defeated the Disas, the world returned to normal, but Asuka, one of the magical girls, is struggling to settle back into society.

What’s it about?

A race of magical creatures attacked Earth and looked set to destroy everything, until spirits from another world formed an alliance with Earth and created the Magical Girls – nine high school girls that were gifted incredible magical powers.

Having defeated the Disas, the Magical Girls that survived returned to their home nations and tried to resume their normal lives, but war leaves more than just physical scars. Asuka lost her parents to the Disas and now lives alone. She has abandoned her role as a Magical Girl so as to avoid putting her friends in danger.

What were your first impressions?

I was excited for this series after blasting through Magical Girls Raising Project last summer, however, if I’m honest, I was a little disappointed. It doesn’t have the same insane story and crazy twist as Raising Project. I am enjoying it, but it’s not living up to my expectations.

Magical Girls Spec-Ops Asuka

Who was you favourite character so far?

Asuka is cool, but a little aloof. She’s obviously still coming to terms with her role in the war with the Disas, losing her colleagues and family, so it’s hard to fault her for acting as you would expect. After Asuka, her friend Nozomi is the most entertaining character. She’s not a Magical Girl and I fear her insatiable lust for life may have been cut short…

Who do you want to see more of?

At this stage, it’s too soon to really be able to say. I’d like to see more of the Magical Girls together and get an idea on what’s going on with the evil Magical Girls (that’s a little too Senran Kagura for my liking).

Are you going to continue watching?

Yes, I am. As I said, I had high expectations for this series so I’m hoping that it will live up to those. Even if the first four didn’t quite get there, it has shown plenty of potential. I would have probably cut back on all the torture. There appeared to be an awful lot of that going on and I don’t think it necessarily did anything for the story. I’m also hoping there’s a big twist coming. That’s what it really needs now.

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