Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Episodes 5-8)

Having rescued Nozomi from the evil Magical Girl, Asuka and Kurumi have more to do if they too are going to escape. But will this change Asuka’s stance on the M-Squad?

What’s happened since last time?

Episode four ended with Asuka and Kurumi rescuing Nozomi and fighting their way out. So, we picked up immediately after that as Asuka battled two magic wielders while Kurumi reattached Nozomi’s arm and got her to safety, but the evil Magical Girl with the scissors was hot on Kurumi’s heals.

Asuka raced to help her friend and arrived at the same time as the M-Squad. They save Kurumi and almost defeat the evil Magical Girl before another appeared and rescued her, trapping Asuka, Kurumi, and M-Squad. After this Asuka agrees to join M-Squad and is quickly sent on a mission.

Have your feelings changed?

I said that I was a little disappointed after four episodes, which was mostly down to how much I’d hyped it up to myself. Sadly, I think it’s still not quite there. We were introduced to more of the surviving Magical Girls and some fairly sinister villains, but it’s still not quite blowing me away. It is dark and the trauma that Asuka is dealing with is very interesting, I was just expecting something a little crazier…

Who was your favourite character so far?

It’s still Asuka, especially as Nozomi has been relegated to a background character after Kurumi reset her memory to a week before she was kidnapped and tortured. It is interesting that Asuka appears to be everyone else’s favourite character within the show…

Who do you want to see more of?

We’re obviously building up towards something fairly large. We have more and more of the Legendary Five coming together for the inter-dimensional trade discussions and the evil Magical Girls making their move, so there’s going to be some crazy battles coming, which is definitely a step in the right direction although I think a massive twist is what this series really needs.

Are you going to continue watching?

I am because I need to see how this series goes. I still feel like it could live up to my expectations, so I’m going to stick around for that. Either way, it’s not a bad series and I want it to get better.

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