Magical Girl Raising Project – Season One

What did you watch and why? Again, I was looking for something safe to watch while the kids were around. It had cute animation and magical girls… and oh no… not again!

One line pitch! Cute girls with magical powers murder one another because of a clerical error…

What’s it really about? Koyuki loves Magical Girls. She reads the manga and plays the online game. Then the in-game avatar comes to life and offers her the chance to become a real magical girl, giving her powers and abilities so that she can help people and collect magical candies. At least that’s how it starts. With one small announcement, it suddenly becomes a relentless battle to be the last one standing.

What hooked you? While everything in the first episode seemed cute and cheerful, there was a strange dark presence that hinted at the darker elements of the series. It wasn’t until the end of the second episode when you realise just what you’re in for, and then it’s too late, you need to know how it ends.

What was your favourite scene? It’s hard to narrow it down to one scene, but I think it’s when Swim Swim takes her team to attack Cranberry. That had a great ending.

What was your least favourite scene? So, this was also in consideration for my favourite scene, but only because of how effective it was. Ripple and Top Speed’s battle with Calamity Mary gets the vote as my least favourite scene because of the outcome, which you knew was coming, but it still stung.

Who was your favourite character? Ripple was my favourite character. Come on, she was a ninja.

Who was your least favourite character? Well, there were a lot of characters vying for this title, but I think it was Calamity Mary. She sucked as a person, making her a better villain than Cranberry or even Swim Swim.

Which character that needs more screen time? Ripple seems like the obvious one here, but I would also have liked to see more of Winterprison. Her’s and Nana’s story was another truly tragic one.

What was your favourite quote? Not really a quote, but I thought the way Fav delivered all of its lines without any emotion really gave the series a very creepy edge.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? There are similarities with movies like Battleroyale, but that’s not an anime. I don’t think there’s anything that I’ve seen with this brilliant mix of cute and diabolical. I’m aware of others like it, but I’ve not seen them… yet!

Would you like another season? Yes. It’s a dark and sinister series, so you’ve got to be in the right mood for a show like this, but when you are it really is worth it. Even better when you’re not expecting it too.

What elements of the story will you use as inspiration for a short story? Wow! Where to begin with this one? I love the misdirection of the Magical Girls Raising Project, which is only aided by the cute animation style. Having something so dark burst through the cuteness was really effective. If only I can think of a way to put that into a story. That’s going to be a challenge worth taking on.

Bonus Note. I also loved how Nemurin’s final actions sent Swim Swim on a bloody path of destruction. Who could have seen that interaction leading to those series of events?

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