Knights of Sidonia – Season Two

Sidonia is under attack once more, but they have new, more powerful Garde’s. The Gauna, however, is a big one and seems to have adapted to the upgrades. It appears to be winning until a new Gauna enters the battle but bizarrely fights for Sidonia.

The new Gauna is a hybrid created in a laboratory. Several of the citizens of Sidonia are now under the control of a former scientist who has found a way to live on and complete his experiments.

Nagate befriends the new Guana, Tsumugi. He visits her at the laboratory on a regular basis until he finds a house which he buys with Izuna, who is now transitioning from neutral to female, something that only happens once the genetically enhanced humans have chosen a mate.

If you liked the first season, there is no reason you won’t like the second. The Gardes are faster and stronger with larger and more powerful weaponry. There is more Gauna who are becoming harder and harder to deal with.

There is an alarming number of phallic references, most notably with Tsumugi. Although the Gauna themselves often take on similar forms. It’s all very Gigeresque.

Season two ends with an epic battle which is breathtaking as Nagate and Tsumugi go up against an old enemy and thousands of Gauna. The action is intense and well paced. Knights of Sidonia is also full of intrigue and mystery, and even a little bit of romance…

There is no season three yet, but it has been announced that they are underway, so I’d imagine it’ll be some time in 2018. This is great news because there is still lots that hasn’t been answered and we can always use more epic space battles, and even Gauna-Human hybrids that look a little questionable…

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