Knights of Sidonia – Season One

The colossal spaceship Sidonia drifts through space housing what might be the last remnants of humanity. Generations have existed entirely within Sidonia, enhanced by genetic manipulations that enable them to photosynthesis and live longer.

Nagate lives deep within the bowels of Sidonia. He spends his days training in a simulator, mastering the skills to pilot a Garde, a large mechanised weapon used to defend Sidonia. His food supplies have run dry and now he must leave his safe haven or starve.

He is caught stealing rice, but given his talent with a Garde the elders have him placed within the defence team. It’s not a moment too soon either as the Gauna, the shapeshifting creatures that destroyed Earth have reappeared.

Knights of Sidonia starts slowly, building a view of the spaceship city. It gives you a chance to meet the main characters and get an understanding of life there. Nagate is a reclusive character, having spent most of his life alone. He’s awkward and unsure of things, but once he’s in the Garde… boom!

This is a great series and the high concept science fiction elements are amazing. The sight of Sidonia making evasive manoeuvres and the resulting casualties to the populace is stunning. I love the detail that has gone into creating this world, even as contained as it is.

The Gauna is a spectacular enemy as well, changing in shape and size and having only really one weakness which is hard to exploit. I loved the scene where Nagate and Shizuka end up stranded in deep space. They are running out of time and supplies.

There are some great dynamics between the characters and relationships that you weren’t expecting. On top of all that there are some insane space battles between the Garde and the Gauna. This is a superb science fiction series. I’m going straight into season two.

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