Author Journey January 2017

So the process of revamping my vampire series has begun… As I mentioned earlier, I spent all my available quiet time over the Christmas break plotting and planning the first half of the series.

Yes, that’s right, twenty-six volumes will take me to the halfway point and a pretty significant event in the story. They will all be short novellas ranging from ten thousand to twenty thousand words. I’m approaching it like a shonen anime series, although each volume will have a self-contained story while contributing to a much larger arc.

This month started slowly as I pushed myself back into the writing routine and it took a couple of days to really get going. I focused on a small target of just five hundred words a day and by the end of the month, I was hitting more than one thousand words a day.

I finished January with 26,087 words. That’s the first drafts of two and a bit volumes. As I also said in an earlier post, I had unpublished the first three in the series, so while these are technically redrafts, I am adding a lot of new material and rewriting them line by line. I’m excited to start work on volume four which will be new ground.

Outside of writing, I’ve been mostly surviving the Ottawa winter. We’ve had tons of snow, but it’s not been as cold as Thunder Bay which has been a huge relief.

I also completed something that I had been planning on doing for such a long time. Now, I know that I must be one of the last people to accomplish this feat, but I finally watched Breaking Bad. All sixty-two episodes. Man, that was a hell of a show and what an ending. I am so glad I found the time to do that.

Better get back to it. No rest for the wicked.

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