Island – Season One

Setsuna wakes on a beach with no memory or clothes. Before he can react, a local girl, Karen discovers him and alerts the authorities. With no identity or any reason to hold him, they give him some clothes and let him go, although the island elders want him off the island.

Believing he has travelled through time, Setsuna returns to the beach and falls asleep. He is woken by a familiar song and remembers that he must save a girl, and he believes that girl is Rinne. Curious about the local legends attached to their names, Rinne hires Setsuna as a house cleaner.

The next day he meets Sara, a local holy girl who believes a time traveller will appear and that she is destined to kill him. What’s more, there is a strange illness affecting the population, making exposure to the sun potentially life-threatening.

This was another series where I came in blind. I knew absolutely nothing and by the seventh or eighth episode, I still didn’t. That said it was so utterly compelling that I couldn’t help but keep watching and I am really glad did.

At first, you kind of dismiss the whole time travel elements, but the island and friends seem to have more and more secrets. It’s easy to see how this series is based on a computer game. There just seems to be twists and turns at every possible and impossible point.

Then, when it all comes together, the payoff is excellent and well worth the confusion. I would recommend watching this series in as few sessions as possible. It was entertaining watching it weekly, but I did end up binging the second half and found the story flowed much better without the breaks. Either way, however, I think this is a thoroughly engaging story with some nice characters and a great ending.

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