Hundred – Season One

Giant alien creatures known as Savages have been attacking the Earth for decades, but Humanity isn’t about to give up. Using Hundreds, a mysterious device that bonds with the host to give them control over super-powered weaponry is their only hope.

Hayato arrives at the floating military city/training academy called Little Garden with the highest ever Hundred compatibility. This makes the quiet and considered individual an instant celebrity. Unfortunately, it also ends up forcing him to duel with the academy president and most powerful slayer, Claire Harvey.

His roommate, Emile offers to help him prepare for his duel and reveals that they have known each other for years, although Hayato has no recollection of this. Can Hayato win his duel and live up to the promise of his potential

This series is a lot of fun. Hayato is a normal down to Earth guy who has incredible potential due to his exposure to the Savages as a child. He’s honourable and relatable, while also being a bit clueless about the ladies.

I’m not sure whether it’s my exposure to Carry On films and similar cheeky comedies when I was younger but these sorts of shows always make me laugh. It’s always great watching these absurd and unfortunate incidents play out.

One thing I really enjoyed with this one was that the female characters weren’t just love interests. They were strong and powerful in their own rights and didn’t need to be constantly saved by Hayato. They probably helped him more often than not.

If you can’t cope with harem style comedy full of bouncing boobs and errant gusts of wind that flutter skirts as they pass, then you may want to give it a miss. You’ll be missing out, but its best you know what you’re getting in to. A sure fire sign for me if I enjoy something is I instantly look to see if there’s more. There’s nothing concrete yet but season two has been rumoured to be in production. Great, sign me up.

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