Hinomaru Sumo (Episodes 9-12)

Hinomaru Sumo Title

The Oodachi High sumo team are in the finals of the preliminary tournament with the winning team heading to the National Championship. It’s 2-2 with all hopes resting on Hinomaru!

What’s happened since last time?

Hinomaru goes up against another National Treasure in the final match of the team tournament. The match is epic as it swings back and forth. Seriously, these fights are tense. One wrong move and it’s over. Hinomaru manages to put a number of moves together to win with a monster combo.

Next is the individual tournament where the wrestlers get to test themselves against their team mates. The fights between Hinomaru and Kunisaki, and then Hinomaru and Shinya are excellent. Ultimately, Hinomaru wins the individual tournament and the team head back home.

To celebrate the victory and the addition of Chizuko and Reina as co-managers the team head to an all you can eat buffet. Not one to rest on his laurels, Kirihito turns it into a trained exercise and uses it to help the team bulk up, much to the horror of restaurant owner, Stamina Jiro.

Finally, they receive an invitation to train with some of the pros in Nagoya. Something that they jump at. Hinomaru is taken to practice with the best of the best, where he catches one by surprise, but is quickly put back in his place, before a mysterious old man takes an interest in Hinomaru and invites him back to his gym.

Have your feelings changed?

This has been one of the surprise series of the fall schedule for me. I knew I was going to enjoy Goblin Slayer and Slime, but this one came out of nowhere. Bunny Girl Senpai already had a bit of a buzz when I joined in, but I had heard nothing of Hinomaru Sumo.

I picked it up on a whim and it just keeps getting better and better. I love the fights. They’re tense and exciting, playing out like chess games where each player is trying to trick the other into leaving an opening. It’s really interesting and motivating. I honestly did not expect to enjoy this nearly as much. Then there’s the bonus of finding out it’s a twenty-four episode season at the end of episode twelve.

Hinomaru Sumo Ushio Fight

Who was your favourite character so far?

Hinomaru is still the best character in it, which is fair as he is the lead, but his friends are far from cardboard cut outs. Like in the team tournament, they all work best together. Throw in some interesting side characters like Reina, Oyakate (the pro master), Stamina Jiro and it’s a lot more fun.

Who do you want to see more of?

More of everything. I really enjoy the fights, that’s obvious, but the training is great too. Even the all you can buffet episode was great. As long as the team are together doing their thing, I can’t help but watch. Did I mention that the fights are awesome?

Hinomaru Sumo Stamina Jiro

Are you going to continue watching?

Definitely. I was expecting a twelve episode season with them winning the preliminaries, but to discover that there are twelve more episodes was a delight. This is definitely another win for watching random anime from the seasonal schedule. Sure, I’ve seen some duds, but as long as I keep finding shows like this, I’ll keep doing it.

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