High School DxD – Season Three

Rias takes her group to the underworld for summer break, although a break is the last thing they can expect. She has arranged a series of training camps for each of them, specifically designed to enhance their skills and unlock their abilities.

Issei trains with a past Red Dragon Emperor but doesn’t manage to unlock his ultimate ability. Seeing his disappointment, Azazel offers him some advice. Before he has a chance to really consider the wisdom, Loki crashes the party and attempts to start another war.

Rias and Issei try to protect Koneko from her big sister, who is working with Loki. They are struggling to win until Issei remembers Azazel’s advice and with the reluctant assistance of Rias, he unlocks his balance breaker power.

There are more ratings games, but the stakes are higher than ever before. A devil has his eye on Asia and Issei is not impressed. Can he save her from the creepy Diodora? And whatever you do, don’t forget about Loki!

Yet another fantastic season. The characters are getting more depth with each season as we continue to delve into their past. Issei continues to be Issei. He’s still a lecherous teenage guy, but that’s why we like him… I mean, it’s because he’s always willing to fight for his friends. Yeah, that sounds better.

One of the best things about this series is how it never takes itself too seriously. Sure, there are devils and angels, and all sorts of other things, but they still have time for episodes set in the hot springs or making fun of Issei.

It’s also worth noting that all of the girls in the Occult Research Club have moved in with Issei and his parents so he doesn’t get more than a moment to himself. It must be really hard…

Season four is set to release in the spring of 2018. Yes! Bring it on.

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