High School DxD – Season One

High school loser, Issei Hyodo likes the ladies, but sadly his affection isn’t returned. When one girl actually shows some interest in him, he can’t believe it. Then at the end of their first date, she transforms into a dark-winged angel and kills him.

Issei wakes the next day assuming it was a dream, but when another dark-winged angel attacks and injuries him he starts to have doubts. Rias Gremory, the president of the high school Occult Research Club appears and defeats the fallen angel. She takes Issei home and heals his injuries.

Rias reveals that she is a devil and that he too is now a devil. Also, she is his master. Now, Issei must adapt to his new life as a devil in Rias’ service. He will also need to work out why the fallen angels are trying to kill him.

So, before I get into things, here is the obligatory nipple warning. This series has nipples in. Lots of nipples, unless you’re watching the cut version and then there are just lots of jiggling logos all over the place, which is far weirder.

First up, I loved this series. Issei is the hopeless loser that I think every teenager feels like from time to time. He stumbles into a crazy situation but somehow manages to stay sane, or as close to as he was before.

I really enjoyed the way he slowly changes everyone’s opinion of him. As much as he is a massive perv, his heart is in the right spot. He is honourable and will defend his friends to the end.

Things really start to get interesting when Rias’ group go into a rating battle with her promised future husband’s group. Then the final battle where Issei fully steps up is amazing. We should all try to be a little more like Issei. I think the world would be a much nicer place.

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