HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Season One)

HenSuki Title

Keiki Kiryu returned to the calligraphy club room and discovered a letter addressed to him along with a pair of girls panties. The letter is not signed, so now he has to track down this deviant Cinderella!

What did you watch?

It’s a long series title, that is for sure, but it also did more than enough to catch my attention. This was another of the series that we covered over at EcchiHunter.com, but again I wasn’t lucky enough to have the pleasure of writing up the episode reviews. I will link to them at the bottom of the post, in case you still want more. So, as the long title may suggest, this show deals with girls with fetishes. You can always count on anime to flip the tables and this was a very interesting take on the harem genre. There will be spoilers and plenty of perverts!

HenSuki Episode 1 Keiki Finds the Love Letter

What happened?

Unsure of how to react to the mysterious letter and panties, Keiki confided in his close friend Shoma. They decide that it must have been one of the three girls that were present at the calligraphy club when Keiki stepped out. That would narrow the search down to Sayuki, the club president, Yuika the librarian, and Nanjo the classmate. Keiki’s sister, Mizuha who they both instantly rule out. Keiki decides he needs to spend more time with each of the girls in an attempt to work out if they are the owner of the panties.

He makes a startling discovery following his interactions with Sayuki. No, it’s not about the panties! It turns out that Sayuki does like Keiki, but she also fantasizes about being his pet… Next Keiki turns his focus on Yuika and makes another discovery. Yuika also likes Keiki, only she wants him to become her slave! That leaves Nanjo, but she’s more of a mystery. It’s a little less clear whether Nanjo likes Keiki, although she produces a very successful boy-love manga that stars two characters that look just like Keiki and Shoma… Perverts everywhere!

HenSuki Episode 1 Keiki Finds the Panties

What did you think?

This series was very funny and surprisingly entertaining. I will say that the first episode did a few odd things with camera angles that threw me, but it wasn’t present in the rest of the series, so don’t let that stop you. The most entertaining thing was trying to work out what each of the girls’ perversion was as the episodes progressed. There’s more than just Sayuki, Yuika, and Nanjo. Almost every person Keiki interacts with is a pervert, but then aren’t we all? I loved that this series didn’t treat the girls as precious little darlings and actually gave them real impulses and desires. It actually worked well with Keiki initially refusing them all straight away, but having to play along to find out who left the panties.

HenSuki Episode 9 Keiki caught looking at Panties

What was your favourite moment?

I think the funniest moment for me was with the student vice-president, Fujimoto. Having saved her after she fell down the stairs, Fujimoto was determined to thank Keiki and invited him to the president’s lounge where she had made tea and cake. Keiki was relaxed and relieved to have finally met a girl that wasn’t a deviant. The soft music and comfortable temperature must have been too much for Fujimoto as she fell asleep. Keiki sat back on the couch and closed his eyes.

He woke sometime later to find Fujimoto pulling his pants down. It turned out that she has a smell fetish and Keiki’s scent is her absolute favourite. She then revealed that it had been her plan to make him fall asleep, but she too fell foul of her plan. Ultimately, she wanted a pair of his underpants. It was all completely bonkers and so funny as Keiki thought he’d met someone normal. Then, after all of this had been revealed, she still asked if she could have his underpants. Just brilliantly absurd!

HenSuki Episode 6 Fujimoto Asks for Keiki Underpants

What was your least favourite moment?

I’m desperately trying not to spoil the big reveal, but this section will, so if you don’t want to know, jump down to my favourite character.

So, there was a moment near the end of the series where Mizuha revealed that she and Keiki were not related. Their birthdays were too close together. Keiki couldn’t believe it so he phoned his father who confirmed it, he also confirmed that Mizuha was adopted and his favourite child… burn! Anyhow, then we got a flashback to the day that Mizuha joined Keiki’s family following a tragic accident. I’m assuming they were four or five at that point which makes Keiki not remembering being completely absurd. Sure, you can forget stuff, but something as significant as that would continue to resurface in your memory, ensuring that it wasn’t forgotten. If they had just made it so that they were babies then it would have made sense.

HenSuki Episode 12 Keiki and Mizuha

Who was your favourite character?

Anyone that knows me will probably be able to easily answer this one. I’ll give you a second to have a guess… That’s enough. It was obviously Sayuki, the calligraphy club president. The reasons may be fairly obvious and while it’s not exactly my preferred fetish, if I was Keiki, this series would have ended at the end of episode one. Who cares about the mysterious panty Cinderella when you’ve already won the game with Sayuki. She was without a doubt the best girl. There’s no question about it.

HenSuki Episode 1 Sayuki Pet Fetish

Who was your least favourite character?

For a while there it was Keiki. After turning down Sayuki’s proposal at the start of episode two, I could see that Keiki was not a man of culture and that was going to be a problem. But then, after the arc with Koharu where it turned out she was a stalker and had a very serious interest in Keiki’s friend Shoma, it became apparent that Shoma was the weak link in the series. It was funny how they pretended that Koharu was younger that Shoma to get him interested, but when he found out she was actually a year older and turned her down, I lost a lot of respect for the guy and I didn’t have too much to start with…

HenSuki Episode 7 Shoma

Would you like some more?

I would love more shows like this. It did a great job of showing us all the different girls and their perversions. I liked how the girls were actually interesting characters and while they did throw themselves at the distinctly average Keiki, they did at least show us why and the reasons were pretty believable. As far as this series goes, I think it’s fairly well wrapped up so I don’t see a second season coming along anytime soon, although the format would work with a different group of characters so there is potential. It was an entertaining mystery with some fun characters. I think they could have done a little more with their fetishes as none of them really pushed the boat out, particularly Yuika who was a pretty tame master in the end.

HenSuki Episode 11 Sayuki Keiki Yuika and Mizuha at the Pool

What have you learnt?

What indeed! I’m struggling with this one, to be honest. The biggest takeaway is probably that all characters should have something that drives them and you should be aware of it at all times. Sure, there will be moments where it’s not as influential to them, but everyone wants something and will work in a way to achieve that where it’s whether it’s something normal or a little odd. It’s probably a good idea to consider that not everyone wants the same things too, especially in writing where it’s too easy to put yourself into the characters.

HenSuki Episode 5 Yuika Cat Maid with Nanjo and Sayuki

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