Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 2

Following on from the events of season 1, Tomoki now has two Angeloids living with him. Things are about to become more complicated for the peace and quiet seeking teen. A third Angeloid appears and is determined to kill Tomoki.

The story in the second season falls into the background as a series of episodes designed to play on the characters strengths and weakness while giving them the adequate chance to shine, or not as the case may be. Tomoki is still a huge pervert.

There is a town-wide snowball fight, a bizarre fishing game, and the greatest wrestling tournament the world has ever seen. Tomoki takes on the brilliantly bizarre persona of Mask du Pants…

Later in the season, the story seems to pick up as a fourth Angeloid appears, also determined to kill Tomoki, since the third Angeloid is now living with Tomoki. There is a sinister force behind everything, but that never really gets dealt with. Ikaros enters into an epic battle against the fourth Angeloid, aided by her new friends.

There are a lot of very funny moments again in this season and bizarrely the characters seem to grow on you. I found myself getting a little sad seeing this series end, even with only twenty-six episodes total.

It was a little annoying that the main story never really got a conclusion, but I had a lot of fun living with Tomoki and the Angeloids for this brief entertaining experience.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I really wish they had concluded the anime in a meaningful way but the series as whole was really good!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      I’ve yet to see the movie, so I might fit that in this year, but, yeah, I really enjoyed the series even without the full closure. It was so funny.

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