Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 1

Tomoki is your average teenage boy. He seeks a quiet life, happy in his small town with no real goals to further himself. An unexplainable reoccurring dream featuring an angel plagues his sleeping hours. Each time he wakes with tears streaming down his face.

One evening Tomoki witnesses a bizarre event where a beautiful winged woman falls from the sky. Before he has a chance to comprehend what he saw, the angel announces that he is her master and she will do his bidding.

So, we have a horny teenager and a beautiful, winged Angeloid that grants wishes. What on Earth could possibly go wrong with this situation? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at an opening episode. Tomoki abuses his wishes as only a perverted teenage boy would. In one instance he freezes time and runs around naked…

It’s probably funnier because we all know that we would do similar in that situation. In the second episode, he manages to release a flock of flying panties into the world. It is beautifully surreal. Tomoki has a small group of unusual friends that lead to all sorts of crazy hijinx.

The first season is only fourteen episodes long, so it doesn’t take long to get through, and after watching all of Breaking Bad in a month, it was a welcome change of pace and mood. It is a fun and silly series with some truly hilarious moments.

I think the series is guilty of overusing the Super Deformed style of anime, which is good in short bursts but too much and it detracts from what’s going on.

The characters are weird and brilliant, although I find the way Tomoki treats Ikaros, the Angeloid, to be absurd. Sometimes he is a complete buffoon but you can’t help like him. Otherwise, this series is crude, rude and damn funny.


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