Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte (Season Two)

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Tomoki is determined to return to his quiet and peaceful life, but living with two Angeloids is not helping, but then the arrival of a third Angeloid that is determined to kill him isn’t going to help either.

What did you watch?

There you have it. I’ve now worked my way through both seasons of Heaven’s Lost Property and as with my goal when I set out on this adventure, I can now re-read my original review from three years ago. I think my review style has changed a lot since then, so if you do go back and check it out, just remember that…

What’s it about?

Tomoki has had a pretty eventful time since Ikaros fell from the sky and made him her master. Not long after that Nymph moved in with them. Well, things are about to get a lot tougher. Even as Tomoki tries to control his teenage urges, a third Angeloid arrives and she’s not going to help in either department. Not only is she stunning, but she is determined to kill Tomoki.

On top of this, Tomoki has started to get weird dreams again. In an effort to get to the bottom of them, the group enter Tomoki’s dream only its not a dream but a gateway to the Synapse. You’d think this staggering discovery would be a hot topic, but no one other than Sugata seems to care. So, it’s back to the usual round of festivals and Tomoki’s outrageous attempts to see naked girls.

What did you think?

This series really is a ton of fun. I love how most shows will employ a comedic element to soften the more serious nature of the show, well, in Heaven’s Lost Property they have the serious story running in the background to break up the comedic tones. It’s all backwards and it’s great. In my original review, I noted that the story never really got resolved and I still feel that way. Hopefully, the movie, which I’m watching next, will help give the series to a bit of closure.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 16 Angeloid Delta Astraea

What was your favourite moment?

Much like in season one, there is one episode that stands out. That was episode seventeen. I really enjoyed all of the festival episodes. They were a lot of fun, but nothing comes close to the introduction of Mask du Pants. Seriously, I was crying all the way through this episode. This one, along with episode four from season one are two of the greatest episodes of anything I’ve ever seen. Just everything about them was spot on.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 17 Mask Du Pants

What was your least favourite moment?

It may seem outrageous, but the last episode was a real let down. We had just had the big fight against an enhanced Chaos and I was hoping for some sort of resolution with the Synapse, however, that never happened. Instead, we got another Tomoko episode, which would be fine normally, but they also tacked on a weird wedding segment that didn’t seem to do anything.

Who was your favourite character?

In my original review of season two, I mentioned that this season appeared to focus on episodes that played on the characters strengths and weaknesses. I also said that the characters grow on you and I cannot disagree with either of those. If anything, I enjoyed the characters even more this time around. It was like visiting old friends. That said, I have to say that Tomoki was my favourite. Never have I seen anyone so committed to anything in my life. You probably don’t agree with a lot of the things he does, you shouldn’t, but he never gives up.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 20 Tomoki I Take A Peek

Who was your least favourite character?

I’m going to say the winged ruler of the Synapse for mostly being a vicious and controlling jerk, but also for there not being any resolution. He’s still there and I can’t see him stopping in his attempts to kill Tomoki and retrieve Ikaros anytime soon. Please let there be a resolution in the movie.

Who needs more screen time?

More Mikako! I mentioned about how much I enjoyed the festival episodes, especially as Mikako was behind each of them and in episode reviews, I also said that I would like a new festival episode every year. Basically, I would like to see Mikako putting the others through another crazy game again and again. I also love how she doesn’t get flustered by anything and seems to relish the chaos.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 23 Mikako Catches Backbreakingly Epic Sweater Puppies

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen?

In season one, I mentioned about how Maken-ki was probably the closest match and I think that’s still true. Both have a ton of ecchi elements and rely on absurd comedic set pieces. Maken-ki is definitely the ruder of the two series, but this one is funnier. Maybe, there could be some sort of crossover. I would watch that!

Would you like another season?

Ask me after the movie! I can’t wait…

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Only twelve episodes in this season, but it’s still another twelve sets to add to my total. Looking at the numbers, it’s unreal to think I’ve done that many already!

  • Episode Count: 12 (416)
  • Push-ups – 120 (3,350)
  • Sit-ups – 120 (3,370)
  • Squats – 120 (3,360)

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