Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 9) – The Delusional Story That Began With a Lie

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Tomoki takes Ikaros to a flea market where he discovers a rare and extremely perverted DVD, however, Ikaros just broke an item, spending all his money. Somehow, he will get that DVD!

What did you watch?

Yet another episode of Heaven’s Lost Property. This time it was episode 9 and things are starting to get interesting, however, things also get a little bit crazy and incredibly funny. All of that is to be expected, but Tomoki suddenly being good with the ladies, surely not!

What happened?

With no sight of Nymph since Ikaros sent her back to the Synapse, the group head to the park to enjoy the flea market and have a barbecue. Tomoki spots a DVD on one of the stalls, it’s an incredibly rare and rude movie and it’s only three thousand Yen. Then Ikaros breaks an item and uses all Tomoki’s money.

Desperate to get his hands on that DVD, Tomoki opens his own stall and tries to sell his old crap. Unfortunately, no one is buying, but his activities have inspired the others to try their hand at retail. Next, Tomoki opens a stall selling food that looks like boobs… When that fails, he tries to sell idol products with his face on it… Then, when he tries to sell the remainders of his panties stash, Sohara knocks some sense into him… If only there was a way

Heavens Lost Property Episode 9 Tomoki And Nymph Stall

What did you think?

I had forgotten a lot of the finer details of this episode, but it all came flooding back as soon as I saw the DVD. It’s funny to watch Tomoki try to be a serious business person all be it with a perverted twist. His final scheme, with the help of Nymph making him attractive to the ladies, is to open a host bar. Everything seemed to be going well until the Tomoki Tower!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 9 Tomoki Tower

What was your favourite moment?

The Tomoki Tower was probably the single funniest image in this episode, however, Tomoki waking up to find Ikaros and Nymph eating chips and watching the DVD was hilarious. He moans about having a quiet life, but he’d be lost without them.

What was your least favourite moment?

We got to see a little more of the Synapse as Nymph was being disciplined for failing to bring Ikaros back. It was an interesting scene and even though Nymph is far from my favourite character, it wasn’t any fun watching them belittle and punish her.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 9 Tomoki The Ladies Man

Who was your favourite character?

This episode was all Tomoki. He had his quest set early on, so it was entertaining watching him try to raise the money so that he could buy the DVD. It certainly wasn’t a noble quest and his attempts at raising the money also weren’t the most moral and just way to do so, but you can’t fault the kid’s spirit. He knows what he likes and he goes with it, to hell with what others think.

Who was your least favourite character?

In an attempt to be more human, Ikaros tried her hand at lying. She told Sohara that she hated her, everyone thought she was a mean and violent person, and that she was too skinny. Then she told Sugata that the New World didn’t exist, before turning to Mikako and calling her a really nice person. Finally, she told Tomoki that she didn’t want to be with him any more. Obviously, this was all very funny. Ikaros was my least favourite character… or am I lying?

Heavens Lost Property Episode 9 Okonomiyaki Boobs Sohara Ikaros

Would you like some more?

We’re approaching the end of the season and if I remember correctly there’s going to be some interesting developments with the Synapse. There’s also going to be some pretty weird stuff, but then that’s to be expected. Ha! That’s what we’re here for. Let me know if you’re watching along too. It would be nice to know that I’m not alone…

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  1. “Obviously, this was all very funny. Ikaros was my least favourite character… or am I lying?”

    I prefer to think of it as you demonstrating Ikaros’ spirit of adventure!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      On to the Brave New World! This show is an awful lot of fun.

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