Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 7) – The Brainy, Heart-pounding Transfer Students

Heaven's Lost Property Title

The summer break is over and it’s time for Tomoki and Sohara to go back to school. Tomoki makes it incredibly clear that Ikaros and Nymph are not to follow them. Yeah, good luck!

What did you watch?

More Heaven’s Lost Property, oh all right. Go on then. So this is episode seven which takes me to halfway point of the first season. With the introduction on Nymph in the last episode, it’s lead to more character and plot development. Admittedly, there hasn’t been much focus on the plot so far, which has been fine, but it is nice to see it start to go somewhere.

What happened?

Frustrated at being left to look after the house, Ikaros and Nymph use a wish-granting card to enrol in the school as transfer students. Tomoki curses he luck as he dreams of another quiet day staring out the window vanishes. Sohara, on the other hand, is quite excited to be able to help Ikaros and Nymph, until she realises that neither needs any help.

Ikaros and Nymph are an instant hit with the other boys in the school, receiving buckets full of love letters. Nymph tosses hers in the garbage, much to the annoyance of Tomoki. He demands that they take the time to read them. It’s obviously a sore point for him. To get back at him, Nymph pulls another trick out of her sleeve and has Ikaros stand in as the science teacher with a focus on flying. Now, she just needs a volunteer!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 7 Tomoki Flying

What did you think?

This episode was fairly crazy, but without being too insane. I felt like the whole scene where Tomoki jumped out of the window with the wings prepared by Sugata had to Tomoki daydreaming, but it wasn’t. The most notable part of the show was when Ikaros and Nymph were looking at the love letters and Nymph ran some sort of system analysis on Ikaros. We learnt that her memories, emotions, and even her power were being restricted.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 7 Nymph

What was your favourite moment?

I think it makes the story very interesting to learn that Ikaros isn’t just a simple pet class Angeloid, something that Sugata had been pondering for a while now. Then to learn that she was the terror of the Synapse known as the Uranus Queen was a very cool development. It wasn’t exploding panties, but it did a lot to further the plot.

What was your least favourite moment?

The fact that is wasn’t exploding panties level humour. Sure, there were several funny moments, but I desperately want another episode where I am laughing from start to finish. It’s great that we’re getting more development, so I’m not complaining really.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 7 Depressed Sohara

Who was your favourite character?

It’s got to be Sohara again. Watching her go from being excited to help Ikaros and Nymph to see that she was of no help whatsoever was funny. Poor Sohara. It also touched on her interests in Tomoki again when she questioned whether he thought Ikaros and Nymph were cute. Don’t answer. It’s a trap.

Who was your least favourite character?

It’s Nymph again. It was funny that it was all her idea to go to school, however, when she got there she hated it and just spent her time staring out the window like Tomoki. There’s obviously much more to her being there than this, so she’s going to make things interesting, that’s for sure.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 7 Transfer Students Ikaros and Nypmh

Would you like some more?

When they revealed the title of the next episode at the end of this one, I had to stop myself from just watching it straight away. I know what’s coming and I’m excited, to say the least. This is going to be a good one. That’s right, it’s a festival episode. Grab your Yukata and come on!

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