Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 6) – Swimsuit Surf Brigade, Go! Go! Go!

Heaven's Lost Property Title

With his house rebuilt, Tomoki can get back to his quiet and peaceful life… yeah, right! The arrival of a second Angeloid will see that his dream is well and truly quashed.

What did you watch?

Everyone loves a beach episode and for Heaven’s Lost Property to go five episodes without one is scandalous. Well, we did have a deserted island in the last episode with makeshift bathing suits and outrageous tan-lines, but that just doesn’t count. So, sit back and prepare for a real beach episode…

What happened?

Tomoki woke up to find a second Angeloid sitting in his lounge eating his food. Although she looks kind of like Ikaros, Nymph is very different. For one she can’t stand Tomoki and takes every chance she gets to belittle him. Luckily for Tomoki, he has a day at the beach with Sohara planned for today. Unfortunately, Sugata and Mikako have the same plans, so they decide to invite Ikaros and Nymph too.

Sohara, struggling to hide her true feelings for Tomoki, or at least struggling to freely admit to them, gets jealous of the attention Ikaros is getting so she goes out on a boat by herself. Before long, she finds herself remembering the time Tomoki tried to teach her to swim, which was just long enough for her to drift out to sea and lose her oars.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 6 Ikaros Nymph Sohara Mikako Bikinis

What did you think?

Beach episodes are great. I think that could be a large part of why I really enjoyed Harukana Receives, but I digress. This was a fun episode, but it lacked the big laughs. Honestly, the exploding panties are too much for most to compete with. We get to see a little more of Sohara… I mean her thoughts on Tomoki.

The gang tried beach volleyball and Nymph spiked the ball into Tomoki’s face because he was struggling to keep his focus on the game. We also got to see more of how Tomoki is a genuinely nice guy at heart, his big problem is when a different organ takes over…

Heavens Lost Property Episode 6 Sohara Beating Tomoki

What was your favourite moment?

It was actually in the end credits again. I love how this series uses a different song for each ending and has a unique set of animation. All of this episode Ikaros was carrying around a camera, and every now and then you’d see Tomoki pose for her to take a picture. Well, in the credits we get to see the pictures and every one of them features close-ups of other beach-goers and only the tiniest part of Tomoki. Really, I should have expected nothing less.

What was your least favourite moment?

It was sad to discover that Ikaros doesn’t sleep. She just sits there and waits for Tomoki to wake up, like a lonely puppy. So sad. Ikaros needs a hug, Tomoki. A hug. Is that too much to ask for? But all Tomoki can do is tell her off and berate her, but she just apologizes and keeps on waiting for him to wake. It’s not a stretch to imagine her smothering him with a pillow!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 6 Sohara Wet

Who was your favourite character?

I really liked Sohara in this episode, and she’s grown on me more this time around. She’s the real love interest for Tomoki, and if he can just stop perving all the other girls for a second, he’d notice it too. With the little flashbacks to their childhood, I think they’re doing a good job of developing her character and making her quite likeable.

Who was your least favourite character?

It was pretty clear from the first moment that they didn’t want us to like Nymph. Being rude to Tomoki is fine, it’s almost expected, but to be so cold to everyone else for no reason was just not cool. Even when Tomoki stepped in to stop the group of delinquents from harassing her, she didn’t seem to be able to say thanks. It’s just basic manners.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 6 Tomoki Beach Volleyball Sohara Boobs

Would you like some more?

In this episode, they raised a lot of questions. Most need answering, but some not so much. I mean how did Sugata eat all that curry? Other than that, the introduction of Nymph will cause a lot of problems for the group. Something that Sugata and Mikako seem all too aware of. I am really enjoying rewatching Heaven’s Lost Property, so if you’ve not seen it, maybe I can convince you to give it a go. Honestly, it’s not all exploding panties…

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  1. “It was sad to discover that Ikaros doesn’t sleep. She just sits there and waits for Tomoki to wake up, like a lonely puppy. So sad.”

    Isn’t that just about heart-breaking?

    I seriously like Ikaros as a character. There’s a lot more to her than meets the eye! Though to be fair, what meets the eye is impressive.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Absolutely, the eyes are not unhappy. I think all of the characters are more interesting than they probably should be for this type of show. It really stands out for that too.

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