Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 5) – Hot Night With the Big Fish

Heaven's Lost Property Title

With their house a pile of smoking rubble following the exploding panties situation, Tomoki and Ikaros search for somewhere else to live. With Sugata and Sohara ruled out, Mikako swoops in…

What did you watch?

Wow! You’re still with me. I thought all of the exploding panties would be too much for some to stomach. Well, don’t worry. This episode is not nearly as depraved. In a way, it had a fairly sweet moment, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it?

What happened?

It’s nice to see that they followed directly on from the last episode and not just ignored the fact that Tomoki’s house had been blown to pieces. Admittedly, it was Ikaros that suggested they couldn’t live there, so Tomoki suggested they live with Sugata, only Sugata has a bear problem. Sohara refused, not wanting to give Tomoki access to her underwear drawer.

Mikako swoops in and offers to let them stay with her. Somehow, Sohara and Sugata end up coming with them too. Well, it turns out that Mikako’s father is the head of a notorious clan, but they’ll be fine as long as no one goes in the Decapitation Bath. Hang on where did Tomoki go?

Heavens Lost Property Tomoki Mikako Nude Decapitation Bath

What did you think?

So, it would be hard to top the last episode and it looks like they didn’t even try. This was still fun and had some good moments, but it was nowhere near as funny as the exploding panties. After Tomoki went into the Decapitation Bath and saw Mikako naked, he had to be punished, but not for seeing Mikako, no. Just entering the sacred baths was enough to get him decapitated, hence the name.

Ikaros, however, had other ideas and stopped it dead. The next morning, they woke up on a plane to a deserted island. They immediately started looking for food and shelter, but Tomoki ate a funny looking mushroom and when he woke up everyone but Sohara was gone. It was at least a month later when Ikaros returned from her fishing expedition and put an end to things. It was funny, just not exploding panties funny.

Heavens Lost Property Tomoki Sohara Deserted Island Tanlines

What was your favourite moment?

I think the funniest thing about this episode is the lengths that Mikako went to punish Tomoki. They were abandoned on a deserted island for over a month. Sure, it ended up giving Tomoki the peace and quiet he’s always talking about. Not to mention that he got to spend all that time with Sohara, who let’s face it is his real crush. Although, when it was all revealed to be a way of punishing Tomoki, Sohara crushed him with her karate chop.

What was your least favourite moment?

This episode was much more like episode three where we learnt a little more about the characters. As such, I feel like the whole episode was kind of on a level. By that, I mean it just kind of plodding along without being terrible or great. It’s hard to pick a moment for either of these, so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.

Heavens Lost Property Mikako Bath Nude

Who was your favourite character?

It was great to finally see more of Mikako, and no, I’m not talking about the scene in the Decapitation Bath. She’s had a lot of great lines and seems to relish making others feel uncomfortable. The best thing is that this is all just a warm-up for some of the truly great things she does. You need to keep an eye on her every time she’s on the screen.

Who was your least favourite character?

Sugata was very much just a passenger in this episode. He followed along, obviously knew what was going on before Tomoki or Sohara, and just kind of stayed out of the way.

Heavens Lost Property Tomoki Sohara Deserted Island Rage

Would you like some more?

I’m just looking forward to the next insane episode. There are many more to come. Most have occupied the highlights reels in my memories for the last few years, so it’ll be great to get reacquainted with them. Episodes like this one are nice and do develop the characters and expand on the situation that they’re in, but they’re not as much fun. Bring on more madness!

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