Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 4) – Love and Triangles, Revisited

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Remember the flock of panties? Well, they flew all the way around the world and returned to Tomoki, but Sohara isn’t about to let him enjoy himself!

What did you watch?

And we are back. After the last episode which was slower and a little more serious, Heaven’s Lost Property is back with a bang! A whole lot of bangs. I don’t know the last time that I laughed all the way through an episode of anything. It just didn’t stop.

What happened?

So, the flock of panties from episode two returned and flew into Tomoki’s room. Sohara finds him hugging them and rightfully gives him a beating. She makes him promise that he will dispose of them all but has little faith that he actually will.

The next morning, Sohara calls to Tomoki from her bedroom window, asking if he got rid of the panties. He says he did but then pulls a pair out from under his blanket. There’s a blinding flash and then an explosion. Sohara calls Tomoki a liar and tells him that she has used a wish-granting card to make it so that if Tomoki sees or touches a pair of panties they will explode.

Heaven's Lost Property Tomoki enjoys exploding panties

What did you think?

I said it once and I’ll say it again. This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. I literally laughed for the entire episodes. There wasn’t a single down moment and it was incredible. Not only did Tomoki fail to dispose of the panties but he turned his entire house into some sort of panty museum. He had panties in picture frames, pantie bunting, piles of panties, just panties everywhere you looked.

Sohara took Ikaros shopping and while they had ice cream she reminisced about the time Tomoki was her only friend and made her feel good on her birthday. Well, during this heartfelt moment, we see flashes of Tomoki flying through the air with panties exploding around him. This episode was insanely good.

Heavens Lost Property Naked Tomoki Rescues Pantyless Sohara

What was your favourite moment?

So, this is more like a series of moments but bear with me. Tomoki makes one last charge to escape from his house of panties, racing for the front door. Sohara, unaware, opens the front door just as he rushes forwards. They fall backwards, Tomoki landing face-first into her crotch. Her panties of course explode.

Tomoki wakes up to find Ikaros, Sugata, and Mikako standing outside his house, but there is no sign of Sohara. It turns out the explosion blew her back into the house. Mikako tells him to man up and go save her. He charges in without a moment’s hesitation before Sugata points out that if anyone else went in it would be much safer.

Inside the house, Sohara runs from Tomoki and ends up in his bedroom. She discovers his secret stash of boobie mags which is guarded by Super-Fusion Panty-Robo. Tomoki charges in to save Sohara, forcing all the panties that the robot was made from to explode, destroying the house. Moments later, a naked Tomoki climbs out of the rubble, carrying a pantyless Sohara. He looks down at the onlookers and gives them the thumbs-up and then something else…

What was your least favourite moment?

Ah, so this must be the moment that I laughed the least. Nope. I can’t do it. Even the end credits were a form of memorial to Tomoki’s burnt boobie mags. They don’t waste a single second in this show.

Heavens Lost Property Tomoki Exploding Soharas Panties

Who was your favourite character?

Without a doubt it was Tomoki. He was just so outrageously perverted and insanely funny. After tricking Sohara into showing him her panties so they too exploded, he delivered one of the funniest lines of the show so far.

“Damn you, Sohara! I’m becoming a man, so of course I wanna fondle ’em and smell ’em and wear ’em!”

The voice actors must have had so much fun recording the lines for this show. There’s just so many priceless nuggets, not to mention the exploding panties.

Who was your least favourite character?

Mikako was probably in this episode the least out of the main characters, but after she convinced Tomoki to go back into the house of panties, she’s off the hook. Even Sugata gets away from it with his comments to Mikako after she did so. Then Sohara can’t have it because the exploding panties were her idea. Damn it, even Ikaros put a pair of panties on her melon. Well, that‘s it no one gets it this week.

Heavens Lost Property Tomoki Multiple Exploding Panties

Would you like some more?

Of course, although I could be convinced to watch this episode again and again and again. No! I shall continue because I know that there are many more episodes that are just as absurd and delightful. Honestly, it’s still not too late to join me in watching these. I’d love to know what other people think.

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  1. “Without a doubt it was Tomoki. He was just so outrageously perverted and insanely funny.”

    This show’s dedication to its premise is honestly inspiring. I think it might even top Issei from Highschool DxD, and that’s saying a lot!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      He is amazing because it’s all or nothing with him. Either it’s the most outrageous thing possible or he’s the nicest guy ever. There is no middle ground whatsoever.

  2. Oh, and I keep meaning to say, congratulations on your name change! I hope it works out well!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Thanks, I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while. I’ve only changed the site name and header. URL is still the same. I think it lends itself better towards blogging. It’s only been a day and I’ve not seen any negative effects so far, so hopefully things will stay the same or get better.

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