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Heaven's Lost Property Title

Tomoki and Sohara enlist Sugata’s help with their mathematics homework, which ends with them all camping by the river for the night. Even Mikako comes with them.

What did you watch?

This was a far more timid episode of Heaven’s Lost Property, preferring to focus on Ikaros and why she was here. Sometimes I forget that there is an actual story running through this series and it’s not just a collection of hilarious situations.

What happened?

Tomoki and Sohara are unable to get a grasp on their latest piece of homework, so they decide to visit Sugata for help as he’s the head of the science club. Only, when they get to his house, they are informed that he doesn’t live there. Luckily, they bump into Mikako who relishes in teasing them before taking to where Sugata actually lives.

Sugata agrees to help them, but Ikaros is his true focus. He has a lot of questions for her and hopes to test some theories. Some she aces, others she bombs, but even when asked directly, she is unable to answer Sugata’s questions. He realises that she no idea why she’s there, so he recommends she should just try to have fun.

Heaven's Lost Property Ikaros fishing

What did you think?

This episode had made some interesting observations as they tried to understand Ikaros better. However, she doesn’t make it easy with her lack of facial expressions and minimal emotional output. It certainly didn’t have any of the wackiness of the first two episodes, which definitely brought this one down by comparison.

It is good to see that they are questioning why and what for when it comes to Ikaros’ arrival and subsequent bonding with Tomoki. Well, Sugata is raising some questions and Mikako has definitely noticed a thing or two too. Tomoki, however, just seems to bumble along at his own speed.

Heaven's Lost Property Ikaros buying meat!

What was your favourite moment?

The group sent Ikaros to the market to get supplies to make a curry, but then followed at a distance, curious as to how she would do. She failed to get any of the vegetables, instead selecting a watermelon. As she moved on the next shop, Tomoki was saying that she better get meat or it’s not a curry. Then, Ikaros turned towards a shop and picked up a baby chick. She stared at it and then asked, ‘meat?’

What was your least favourite moment?

Tomoki was particularly blunt with Sohara and Ikaros in this episode. First, he shot down Sohara, calling her dumb for not understanding the questions in their homework, despite him not knowing. Then, he gave Ikaros an F rating on her shopping trip. Admittedly, she didn’t do very well, but you could see the disappointment in her face. Don’t be such a jerk, Tomoki.

Heaven's Lost Property Sugata

Who was your favourite character?

Sugata was the most interesting character in this episode. Not only does he live in a tent beside a river, but he confronted Ikaros, trying to get some answers. When he realised that she had less of an idea than he did, he didn’t belittle her (take note, Tomoki). Instead, he offered her some advice. For an eccentric science nerd, he’s very well composed.

Who was your least favourite character?

Tomoki of course. Don’t be a jerk, Tomoki! That is all.

Heaven's Lost Property Ikaros with watermelon

Would you like some more?

After this slower episode, I’m looking forward to getting back to something crazy and ridiculous. There are plenty more to come, so I’m not worried about this slight blip. It focused a little more on the background story and developing the characters without making much of a spectacle of anything. It was all right.

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  1. “Admittedly, she didn’t do very well, but you could see the disappointment in her face.”

    Seeing Ikaros’s expression was way more heartbreaking than I had any right to expect from a comedy!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yeah, there really do hit you with the feels in this show and more than once. Like you said, there’s a lot more to Heaven’s Lost Property than boobs and panties.

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