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Ikaros misinterpreted Tomoki’s kind words as a proposal and is sure they will get married… Tomoki just wants peace and quiet, oh, and to perv on the girls swim class!

What did you watch?

Well, this is it. The final episode of Heaven’s Lost Property! I’ve made it to the end again and it has been a real fun ride. There have been ups and downs, exploding panties, crazy festival games and wrestling tournaments, but now I have come to the end. Oh, wait. I still have the movie to look forward to. All right, let’s get this review done.

What happened?

Tomoki is back to his old tricks. He has the transmogrifier once more and turns himself into the lovely Tomoko, but that’s not all. In an effort to enjoy the final girl’s swim class of the year, Tomoko transformed herself into the pool water! When that goes down the drain, thanks to Sohara and Nymph, Tomoko is on the run.

This time, Mikako is determined to make him pay for all the crap he does to them. They manage to corner Tomoko in the girls’ bathroom and with nowhere to run to, he’s going to have to face the music, but Mikako’s games aren’t over yet. Once he’s recovered, she whisks him away to the church where Ikaros is waiting in a wedding dress…

Heavens Lost Property Episode 26 Water Tomoko Mikako Astraea

What did you think?

It was a funny episode and a nice way to finish things off, but it wasn’t a great episode. I really wanted the series to go off with a bang. It would have been good had their been some sort of resolution to the stuff with the Synapse, but that also was not to be. Hopefully, it will all wrap up in the movie. It was something that bothered me when I watched it last time. There didn’t feel like there was any real closure.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 26 Tomoko Trapped In Bathroom

What was your favourite moment?

Having escaped from the pool, Tomoko found herself trapped in the girls’ bathroom. She was just about to leave when Sohara, Mikako, Ikaros, and Nymph walk in to clean them. When they noticed a stall was locked, Sohara asked who was in there, but they all knew it was Tomoko. Luckily, Mikako had a hack saw handy, and some electrified fencing to stop Tomoko from climbing over. She’d even posted armed guards at the door. There was no way out. Tomoko’s only hope was to go down the drain, which Sohara was more than happy to help her with!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 26 Sohara Astraea Nymph Wedding Dresses

What was your least favourite moment?

I felt like the whole wedding scene was a bit too dreamlike. Tomoki just seemed to be going along with it right up until he had to kiss Ikaros. It was at that point that he seemed to snap out of it and question what was going on. Of course, Mikako then rolls out Sohara, Nymph, and Astraea all in wedding dresses before revealing that she too had a wedding dress on, but she was set on Sugata. Even for this series, it was a particularly odd moment.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 26 Priest Sugata Wedding Dress Mikako

Who was your favourite character?

In this episode, I think Mikako took it. She had finally had enough of all Tomoki’s antics and was far too prepared to take him down once they had trapped him in the girls’ bathroom. She always takes such glee in the dastardly things she sets up. Throughout the entire series, she has been one of my favourite characters and not least because of the mischief she causes.

Who was your least favourite character?

It was actually Tomoki. I think the episode not being as strong as some of the others really let him down. Had they stuck with the Tomoko side of things for the whole episode it could have been much better, but that weird wedding sequence in the second half just kind of sucked the life out of the episode.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 26 Water Tomoko Boob Grab

Would you like some more?

Well, that is two seasons completed once more. Now, I can finally turn my attention to the movie. Sure, I could have watched the movie without going through both seasons again, but what’s the fun in that. There’s also been more than enough great moments for me to not regret doing it either. I’m just hoping the movie takes the best elements from the series and makes them bigger and bolder.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 26 The New World Discovery Club

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