Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 24) – Forte: Peek Into the Fantasy Field

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Tomoki is just trying to enjoy a little peace and quiet, but his house appears to be full of Angeloids and they won’t leave him alone, not even when he hides in the bathroom!

What did you watch?

This was episode 24 of Heaven’s Lost Property and this close to the end you’d think it would be building up to a big finale. In fairness, it probably is, but this episode really didn’t keep up the level of humour or do much for the story either. What could have gone wrong?

What happened?

Tomoki just wants to read the paper in peace, but Sohara is trying to have a heart to heart with him. She’s obviously feeling left out now that Ikaros does everything she used to for Tomoki. On top of that, Astraea is eating all of his food, but then that is his fault, so he can’t really complain. Nymph appears to be staring at Tomoki, which is making him uncomfortable. It’s a good job Tomoki has lots of places to hide…

Unfortunately, Ikaros has retrofitted the entire house so that she can handle Tomoki’s every whim. When he tried to hide in the bathroom, she activated the warm water jet which blew him through the roof. Then when he hid in his closet, food dropped from the ceiling and the whole closet turned into a microwave and then a toilet… Why can’t they just leave him in peace?

Heavens Lost Property Episode 24 Astraea Ikaros Nymph Sohara

What did you think?

I think this was actually the weakest episode of the entire show so far. The gags with Tomoki trying to be left alone weren’t that funny and then when they revealed Tomoki’s true master-plan which was to have pipes running all over town so that he can spy on anyone anywhere was just stupid. Where was the absurdist comedy that has been this series’ crowning achievement? Not here, that’s for sure. Everything just felt lazy and cheap!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 24 Astraea

What was your favourite moment?

My favourite moment was in the end credits when Tomoki had developed his next generation of peeping pipes. Unfortunately for him, he peeped on Sohara who then sent a karate chop flying through the pipes, bouncing off Ikaros in high orbit and back down to Tomoki, smashing his head in two…

What was your least favourite moment?

That would probably be when they were all trying to get Tomoki out of the bathroom and then the closet. It didn’t work for me, which was annoying as I’ve been fully on board with almost everything this series has done to this point. There was definitely an increase in the chibi forms of the characters in this episode which probably didn’t help.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 24 Sugata

Who was your favourite character?

It was actually Sugata and Mikako, mostly because they were barely involved. Mikako stood on a manhole cover that Tomoki was trying to come out of. Then Sugata was doing his best to advance the plot by playing the dive game, but the Harpies were on him. He noticed that several signs were pointing towards something terrible coming their way, but he might as well talk to a wall because the others have a nasty habit of not listening to him.

Who was your least favourite character?

That would be Tomoki, but not for his peeping pipes. It’s not even for when he flashed the others who looked into his peeping pipes, although that was odd. No, it was for the way he treats Sohara. She found his setup and looked like she was about to beat him when she knelt down and tried to have another talk. Tomoki was so oblivious to her, that he called her stupid for not spotting what he was doing, even though she could hear him in the room below.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 24 Chaos

Would you like some more?

This episode aside, I have absolutely loved this series. Watching it again has been a real treat and now I have only two episodes left before I will watch the movie for the first time. I’m also going to re-read my original review of season two and compare my thoughts. If it’s anything like season one, I’ll be agreeing with myself, but you never know.

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