Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 22) – Forte: The Song of the Angels Echoes in the Sky

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Ikaros rushes to Nymph’s rescue, but ends up as the primary target for both Chaos and Astraea, at her master’s demands. Can Tomoki influence the outcome with some thoughtful words?

What did you watch?

Episode 22 of Heaven’s Lost Property follows on directly from the last episode which is a good thing. I don’t think I’d be too happy if I had to wait to see what happened. You can expect more dark and disturbing acts of Angeloid warfare and some epic battles. Let’s get it on!

What happened?

Ikaros was feeling down when she saw Tomoki and Nymph walking hand in hand, but then she saw Tomoki having lunch with Sohara… She managed to track down Nymph just in time, stopping Chaos’ attack. Then Chaos turned into Tomoki and ordered Ikaros to kill Nymph, but she instead threw her to safety, leaving Chaos to focus on Ikaros instead.

Nymph found Astraea by the river and begged her to help Ikaros, but Astraea’s master demanded that she kill Nymph. Then Tomoki showed up and gave a moving speech about masters and not taking orders. Astraea’s master decided to set her on Ikaros, leaving Tomoki and Nymph for later. She flew through the air closing in on Chaos and Ikaros.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 22 Nymph Trapped In Chaos Tomoki Attack

What did you think?

This episode was excellent. There was action, action, and more action. Not to mention the dark attacks Chaos subjected her opponents too, manipulating their minds to make them attack one another. Then, we got to see Astraea step up and show just what she’s made of. It’s a good job Tomoki never got her into a situation where she could rely on her combat instincts.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 22 Astraea Breaking Free

What was your favourite moment?

I loved it when Astraea realised that Tomoki wasn’t a bad person and that she actually kind of liked him, although maybe like is too strong a word. Anyhow, she attacked Chaos and then, frustrated by her master’s orders she broke her chains, freeing herself from his tyranny. After that, we really got to see her in all her glory. She has a massive sword and an insanely powerful shield, plus no one can match her speed. Yeah, Astraea!

What was your least favourite moment?

With all the action going on, there was one moment which was fine, but sadly that’s enough for it to end up as my least favourite moment of the episode. It was Tomoki and Sohara having lunch together. Nothing much happened, they just sat around eating ramen. It’s also worth noting that there was probably only really one funny moment and that happened after the end credits.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 22 Astraea Rescues Ikaros

Who was your favourite character?

Ikaros was awesome in this episode, taking Chaos down to the deepest part of the ocean. It was cool how she managed to save Nymph, knowing that she would become the target. However, it has to be Astraea. Having the strength to break her own chains and then match Chaos in close combat was awesome. Also, did you see the size of her sword?

Who was your least favourite character?

Chaos continued to be insanely creepy, which is ideal as the weird new generation Angeloid and that’s exactly what they were probably going for. Her constantly asking ‘what is love?’ was a great catchphrase and just made her even creepier. It reminded me of the Doctor Who episode with the boy in the gas mask who would walk around saying ‘are you, my mommy?’. Creepy as hell!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 22 Ikaros Full Attack Mode

Would you like some more?

If my memory serves me correctly, I think that was the big showdown in the second season. So that means it’s back to the absurdist comedy that makes this such a fun series. I really do enjoy the serious elements and there is a little more to come, but I can’t wait for the next episode because I think it’s another of Mikako’s inappropriate festival games.

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