Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 21) – Forte: Eating Watermelon Tomoki

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Astraea sneaks into Tomoki’s house to eat all his food, Sugata is playing the dive game again, but the new Angeloid is on the loose and determined to create some chaos.

What did you watch?

All right, things are starting to get serious. Well… maybe a little serious. At least half of episode 21 of Heaven’s Lost Property was focused on developing the story. The rest was as you would expect. There’s starting to be a nice mix of comedy and seriousness, but be warned this one certainly got a little dark!

What happened?

Astraea still hasn’t killed Tomoki or worked out how to survive on her own. To get back at Tomoki for not dying, she sneaks into his house to eat all his food. Unfortunately, there isn’t any. With Nymph also starving, they decided to eat some of Ikaros’ watermelons, but once they’ve started they couldn’t stop. In a moment of panic, Nymph hacked the plants and tried to get them to regrow the watermelons, but instead, she created a giant watermelon monster that ate Tomoki and then tried to eat Astraea.

Sugata continued to play the dive game, jumping into the Synapse through Tomoki’s dreams, but with Nymph’s help he jumps back before Gamma and Harpy can catch him. However, Tomoki appeared and drags Nymph away, while Sugata is at the Synapse. He takes her to a secluded spot where he declares that he wants to be her master and his first order is for her to kill herself…

Heavens Lost Property Episode 21 Astraea Nymph Ate All The Melons

What did you think?

I really enjoyed this episode. The humour was good without being great, but the story development was where it really shone. Chaos, the new Angeloid is devious and sinister, already shaking things up and subjecting Nymph to all sorts of psychological attacks. It really does get dark.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 21 Sugata Gamma Harpy

What was your favourite moment?

It would appear that Sugata is determined to advance the plot all on his own, especially as no one else seems to care about why there are Angeloids running around. I loved his cat and mouse game with Gamma and Harpy, which instantly became a little bit funnier after Chaos disguised as Tomoki took Nymph away from the controls, leaving him stranded. Luckily, the angel from Tomoki’s dreams snatched him away at the last second.

What was your least favourite moment?

That would have to be the twisted games Chaos was playing with Nymph. She may be brash at times, but Nymph is a really interesting character and always seems to be on the receiving end of all the punishments. It was particularly cruel how Chaos focused on Nymph’s on insecurities to cause the most damage, especially using Tomoki as the form to do it.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 21 Astraea Upskirt Pantyshot Vines Giant Melon Monster

Who was your favourite character?

I think Astraea is finally starting to come into her own. After failing to get going for a good chunk of the season, she is getting more involved and that can only be a good thing. So far, she hasn’t completely moved in with Tomoki, but you can tell it’s not going to be far away. Plus the dynamic with her and Nymph was pretty entertaining.

Who was your least favourite character?

It’s got to be Chaos but for all the right reasons. She is the updated version of the Angeloids and she isn’t going to play nice. Everything about her is sinister, from her creepy small girl form, her blade-like wings, and even her voice. She is down right creepy. It feels a little out of place with the overall tone of the series, but that probably just helps it that much more effective.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 21 Chaos

Would you like some more?

This episode left us on a bit of a cliffhanger, so yeah, I really, really need to see some more. Chaos was torturing Nymph when a bolt of light shot through the sky. Someone is coming to the rescue Nymph. Hold on!

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