Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 20) – Forte: Reach a Decision! The Up and Down of Heaven and Hell

Heaven's Lost Property Title

When Tomoki gets to school, he finds Astraea living in the rabbit cage eating carrots. Reluctantly, he agrees to let her attend the school, but before long they are locked in a battle of wits.

What did you watch?

In Heaven’s Lost Property episode 20 we explore some of the shortcomings of the characters. Some see them as a problem and others do not, but something is about to change whether they like it or not. This episode looks to advance the plot a little bit, but also give us plenty to laugh about.

What happened?

Since coming down from the Synapse, Astraea has really struggled. She hasn’t managed to kill Tomoki and has no idea how to get any food. One morning Tomoki and Sohara find Astraea living in the school rabbit cage, eating carrots. Mikako suggests that Astraea should join the school. It might help her learn some basic skills.

At first, Tomoki was dead against it, but then miraculously he changed his mind and then his gender. As Astraea was putting on her school uniform, Tomoko comes into the changing room to perform Astraea’s medical induction… Sohara puts a quick stop to that. Later that day, Tomoki is being belittled by the girls at school and somehow ends up in a knowledge quiz with Mikako, Astraea, Sohara, and Nymph.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 20 Tomoko Measuring Astraeas Boobies

What did you think?

This was a fun episode which had lots of little laughs but nothing that truly sustained the laughter like some of the other episodes. There were some very interesting developments in the Synapse where the ruler attacked the angel from Tomoki’s dreams and told her that the next generation of Angeloid had been perfected…

Heavens Lost Property Episode 20 Tomoki I Take A Peek

What was your favourite moment?

The quiz was the best moment. With questions provided by Ikaros, no one other than Nymph was able to answer a single question, especially as they each seemed to play on their own deficiencies. Mikako struggled with ethics, Sohara with Spanish, Astraea with anything, and Tomoki with how to behave around women.

Then, the questions took a turn, playing into Tomoki’s strengths. Questions like Sohara’s measurements, the colour of the panties of the three girls standing at the front of the spectators, the length of time one student was in the bath. Amazingly Tomoki found himself at the top of the board with Nymph. One more correct answer and he’d win, proving everyone wrong.

The next question was one that he’d already got wrong, but this time he knew the correct answer. However, saying it went against everything in him. If he could just answer correctly, he would win. Amazingly, he held firm to his values and gave the same wrong answer, losing the game and dropping into a large bucket of shit!

What was your least favourite moment?

I’m actually surprised it took them this long to bring Astraea into the fold. She’s been on the fringe for several episodes now and obviously starving. I don’t know why no one else has stepped in to help her. Sure, she’s on a mission to kill Tomoki, but that’s never stopped anyone before now. Well, at least Tomoki and Astraea appear to be getting along now.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 20 Mikako I Kill Everybody

Who was your favourite character?

I want to say Mikako for her answers to the ethics questions, each one was ‘I kill everybody!’, but I’m going to go with Tomoki. Not only do I have to respect his integrity with the final question, but he basically offered his home to Astraea. He may not realise it yet, but he said whenever she’s going to pass out from hunger she can come to eat at his house, so she’s never leaving. Good luck with that peace and quiet, Tomoki!

Who was your least favourite character?

Once more, Ikaros seemed to take a back seat. Yes, she put the questions together, but not much else. In the last season, Ikaros was far more integral to the plot and used more freely. This season, she appears to have been pushed aside in favour of Astraea and Nymph. We need to see more Ikaros.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 20 Tomoki And Astraea Challenge

Would you like some more?

There are only six more episodes and then I get to watch the movie. I remember finishing season two last time and feeling like they hadn’t answered a lot of the questions so I’m wondering whether the movie will answer those or just go all out for absurd laughs. I’d be fine with either, although if it has both, I’ll be ecstatic.

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