Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 2) – An Airborne Prismatic Panty Adventure

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Sohara learns about Ikaros when she finds Tomoki sitting on top of her, trying to remove the chain. She’s annoyed and heads to school without him. Ikaros gives Tomoki a wish card for protection!

What did you watch?

This will be the first of many episodes where I start to question whether I should be doing episode reviews of Heaven’s Lost Property and it’s only the second episode! That said, part of the reason for wanting to do this was to look into the utter absurdness of the show and this is right up there.

What happened?

Sohara finds Tomoki sitting on top of Ikaros in his bedroom and immediately jumps to the worst possible conclusion. It’s not as bad as she thinks, but it’s about to get worse. Ikaros follows Tomoki to school creating quite a spectacle. Before sending her home, she meets Sugata and Mikako. To protect Tomoki while she’s away, she gives him a wish-granting card.

At school, Sohara trips over and flashes her panties. Tomoki’s mind wanders and then Sohara’s panties fly out of the window. They go to Sugata’s room and try to put on another pair, but they too fly away. It doesn’t matter what she tries, they all fly away. Ikaros arrives, sensing that Tomoki may be in danger and explains how the card works. So, Mikako and Ikaros go to the store and buy a range of panties to see if any will stay on Sohara…

Heaven's Lost Property Sohara no panties

What did you think?

It may sound crazy, but this is the episode that I realised I loved this series. The sight of a flock of panties flying around the world is just too much and it was just as funny the second time watching. Again, Tomoki seems to dance between wanting a quiet life and extreme acts of perversion. Why he thought that putting handcuffs on Sohara would make things any easier is beyond me. Sure, she can’t hit him now, but it did nothing for her mood.

It then got even funnier when Tomoki told Ikaros that he needed panties. She obviously misunderstood and made all the panties within a one-hundred-metre radius appear, leaving a lot of girls going commando. They all then promptly flew out the window to join the others when they saw Sohara…

Heaven's Lost Property Flock of Panties

What was your favourite moment?

It was the end credits. The gentle music is playing as if this was some romantic shoujo series, but the imagery is off the flock of panties flying past major world monuments. It’s just so utterly surreal that I can’t help but stare in wonder. On top of that, there were several great lean-in lines from Mikako.

What was your least favourite moment?

Once more, Sohara barges into Tomoki’s bedroom and gets mad at what she finds. I get that they are best friends, but you may want to rethink that tactic. Well, Tomoki will want her too as he keeps getting a beating. He just can’t seem to get a break.

Heaven's Lost Property Sohara in handcuffs

Who was your favourite character?

I want to give this to Sohara for putting up with all the bizarre stuff that Tomoki put her through and not actually killing him when it was all over. The girl has got some anger issues, but you can see why with the way Tomoki flip flops from lethargic dreamer to perverted go-getter.

Who was your least favourite character?

Again, there really aren’t that many people involved and while Sugata and Mikako probably had the least to do in the episode they both had some great one-liners and lean-ins. So, I guess I’m going to say it’s Tomoki in this episode because I can’t give it to Ikaros. Just look at her.

Heaven's Lost Property Ikaros Panties

Would you like some more?

It’s been so long, I was worried that I had put episodes like this on too high a pedestal. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. This episode was hilarious and surreal absurdism at it’s finest. It makes me look forward to the other highlights that have been etched into my memory even more. I should have said in the last episode review, but feel free to watch along with me. Surely, you can find twenty-four minutes in your day!

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  1. “It’s just so utterly surreal that I can’t help but stare in wonder.”

    It’s not often that I’m speechless, but that scene… I can honestly say I’ve never seen a flock of migratory panties anywhere else.

    And like you said, the music during the end credits…

    Are you watching this via streaming or disc? The Blu Ray looks pretty good!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yeah, that’s still one of the most memorable moments in anything, especially as they flew past the pyramids. Just brilliantly bonkers.

      I’m streaming at the moment. I don’t tend to buy BluRay at the moment. I once had an amazing VHS collection and then DVD came out, so I got an amazing DVD collection. At the moment I’m sticking to streaming or purchasing digital copies through services like iTunes.

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