Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 19) – Forte: The Brother Who Came From Heaven

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Sugata and Sohara play the Dive game, entering Tomoki’s dream which is actually a link to the synapse. There they make some interesting discoveries and knock something back down to Earth!

What did you watch?

You’re not going to believe this, but in episode 19 of Heaven’s Lost Property, they spend a bit of time delving into the story, which is very interesting. Admittedly, it seems quite at odds with the absurdist comedy that generally takes place. I think it could have been a really interesting and serious storyline on its own, but I can’t get mad at this series for anything.

What happened?

Sugata forces Tomoki to go fishing to try to catch some food for Astraea who hasn’t eaten in a week. He then asks Nymph if she can help him with something. With Tomoki occupied, Sugata plays the Dive game and enters Tomoki’s dream which is actually a gateway to the Synapse. Sohara follows along. There they find more Angeloids and several strange and unusual things, before being pulled back just as Gamma and Harpy catch them.

While in the Synapse, Sohara accidentally knocked something back down to Earth. Tomoki finds it and tries to work out what it is with obvious lewd and disturbing connotations. Eventually, he manages to revive Panty-Robo, changing it into a transforming bike-robot and his new best friend!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 19 Sohara Attacking Panty-Robo

What did you think?

I really enjoyed the real story development in this episode. That made for a welcome change, although it was disappointing that they didn’t take it further, preferring to focus the second half of the episode on Tomoki and Panty Robot, which wasn’t nearly as funny as the previous times he’s been around.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 19 The Synapse

What was your favourite moment?

That would be the time in the Synapse. I loved how mysterious and other-worldly it felt. The floating discs with different buildings and structures on reminded me of The Castle in the Sky which makes me want to re-watch that some time. Anyhow, back to Heaven’s Lost Property. Sugata makes for a far more believable explorer in this situation and gives the story some much need advancement. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

What was your least favourite moment?

I thought Sohara’s vicious attack on Panty-Robo was particularly brutal. Panty-Robo threw itself between Tomoki and her ferocious karate chop, thanking Tomoki as Sohara hacked it to pieces. It was kind of sad. I can’t believe she didn’t stop until it was a crumpled pile of panties! Brutal!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 19 Sugata

Who was your favourite character?

Definitely Sugata in this one. As I said earlier, I think this story on its own could have made for a very interesting series. It would obviously be more or a cerebral mystery, but I think it could definitely work. It’s kind of funny that most shows will add a comedic element to offset the seriousness of the show, whereas Heaven’s Lost Property adds the serious elements to break up the absurd comedy and fan-service.

Who was your least favourite character?

This episode seriously underutilized Ikaros. For the most part, she was just a background character following Tomoki around with her usual emotionless expression. It was funny when she brought him a snack which turned out to be a hornet and a snake, but otherwise, she didn’t get enough time. Likewise with Mikako, but she did manage to call Tomoki and master baiter so that get’s her off the hook…

Heavens Lost Property Episode 19 Mikako Master Baiter Sohara

Would you like some more?

I’d like more of everything. More serious story developments and more outrageous absurd comedy and fan-service. Maybe we can tone down the groping, but otherwise, just keep them coming. On top of that, we have yet another Angeloid to look forward to and she appears to be a little more unhinged than the rest.

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