Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 18) – Forte: Mortal Combat! Hot Spring Snowball Fight at 1.4° Below

Heaven's Lost Property Title

It’s the first snowfall of the year and what better way to celebrate by having a boys versus girls snowball fight? Oh, and the winners can make the losers do whatever they want!

What did you watch?

What’s that, you want more story development? Not today! This is episode 18 of Heaven’s Lost Property and it this season’s bathhouse episode, but ironically, the bathhouse plays second fiddle to the snowball fight to end all snowball fights. This is war!

What happened?

So, Mikako seems to be determined to cause problems for Tomoki and she’s using Astraea to do that. To celebrate the first snowfall of the year, Mikako decides to enlist all of the students in a boy versus girls epic snowball fight. Only in this fight, you win when you take out the general. That’s right it’s Mikako versus Tomoki.

Tomoki, however, isn’t interested until Mikako reveals that the winning team can make the losing team do whatever they want. Well, of course, this awakens the inner general in Tomoki and before you know it the snowball fight has turned into all-out war.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 18 Tomoki Charges

What did you think?

I liked this episode, it was a little bit crazier than usual, but coming right after Mask du Pants probably hurt it a little. I mean how do you follow that? There were lots of hints at Mikako and Sugata’s past but nothing was revealed. I hope that one day I will find out more about what happened to leave Sugata living in a tent and I know it’s going to involve Mikako somehow. Anyhow, this episode was a lot of fun, especially with what happened to poor Sohara!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 18 Abominable Snow-haraman

What was your favourite moment?

I really enjoyed Tomoki’s deep general’s voice and the way he spoke in that persona. It was pretty funny, but it was Sohara’s story that stole the episode. Determined to take out the girl’s strongest weapon, Tomoki and a team of boys charged the girls and buried Sohara in the snow. She didn’t show up for the rest of the episode until, joined with an angry snow spirit, she returned as the Abominable Snow-haraman!

What was your least favourite moment?

After the first day’s fight, the teams settled in for dinner. Tomoki and the other unpopular boys then turned their attention towards the captured girls including Astraea. I was a little shocked to see that the boys had completely lost their minds, including Tomoki who painted an elephant on his body!!!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 18 Mikako Ikaros Nymph Hot Springs Nude

Who was your favourite character?

It has to be Mikako. Once again, she has introduced even more insanity that you would have thought possible. I’m not sure what she has planned with Astraea, but I feel like she’s just enjoying the chaos that it causes. Then, she was also responsible for finding the hot-springs and giving us the delights of outdoor bathing!

Who was your least favourite character?

Tomoki was hilarious for most of the episode, but I still think he took things a little far with the captured girls. Ultimately, it led to his downfall as the popular boys released them all as soon as Tomoki’s back was turned, leaving them short-handed and facing defeat in the face. That said, even when he was defeated and Astraea was about to cut him down, he managed to talk to her like a caring a rational person. Tomoki really is a mystery!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 18 Tomoki Tickling Astraea

Would you like some more?

Of course. There’s still so much more to the story that we haven’t got to yet. That’s right, there’s a story. Try to stay focused. On top of that, I know that there are some more crazy episodes to come too. Not to mention the movie, which I haven’t seen before, so I need to finish the episodes so that I can watch that.

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