Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 17) – Forte: A Proud-fought Battle

Heaven's Lost Property Title

It’s festival time again and Mikako has got something special planned for the city, but this time there won’t be any guns, just a whole lot of wrestling!

What did you watch?

This was episode 17 of Heaven’s Lost Property and one of my favourite episodes from the first time I watched it. The first festival episode was excellent, but this one is just in a world of its own. I will apologize now as I may end up adding in a few extra images.

What happened?

Tomoki and the girls donned their Yukatas for the annual festival with hopes of candy apples and fun games, but no one seemed to account for Mikako’s sinister desires to mess with everybody. Like last year, she had organised a special game for all of the citizens to take part in. This year, however, the contest would be sumo wrestling and the prize is ten-million yen and a bath with the Satsukitane geishas.

While the citizens prepare for the matches, the commentary team sets the stage. A big guy opens the proceedings, Nymph asks what’s sumo to which Sugata replies not this, and then Nymph asks what it tastes like. Regardless the first match is about to start and Tomoki is about to get into character and it has to be the greatest wrestling persona ever – Mask du Pants!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 17 Mask Du Pants

What did you think?

I absolutely love this episode. I love Mask du Pants. I love the festival. I just love it! This is one of those episodes where I just laughed from beginning to end. There were so many brilliant little gags sprinkled throughout, even before we address Tomoki’s wrestling persona. Honestly, this was as good an episode as the exploding panties.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 17 Mask Du Pants Boobie Slam

What was your favourite moment?

That has got to be the caged match for the final between Mikako and Mask du Pants. When they enter the ring Mask du Pants clearly has something stuffed down his shorts, but when they call him on it, he says they’re welcome to check, which they don’t. Anyhow, it turned out to be oil which Mask du Pants uses to escape from Mikako’s vice-like grip.

Next, Mask du Pants manages to remove Mikako’s bra and add it to his mask. Then out of nowhere another masked wrestler appears, leaping from the lighting above the cage and chopping through the metal bars. This new wrestler destroys Mask du Pants. Even then, he climbs to his feet, raising a fist in the air. Sugata climbs into the ring and declares the new masked wrestler the winner because Mask du Pants is dead on his feet. Epic!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 17 Mask Du Pants Dead

What was your least favourite moment?

It was obvious when they decided to declare Mask du Pants as the winner that it wasn’t over. Of course, he then had to face the gun booth guy who shot him with cork bullets to win. Yes, it was funny, but I felt like Mask du Pants actually deserved to get something out of the competition. For entertainment value alone, the guy is legendary.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 17 Mask Du Pants Twisted Savage

Who was your favourite character?

There is no question. He is the undertaker of underwear. He is Mask du Pants! It has to be. Maybe come Halloween and I don’t have anything planned, I could become Mask du Pants… well, if I didn’t have kids or knew actual people… All right, maybe I won’t dress up as Mask du Pants, but he’s still the greatest wrestling persona of all time, ever, anywhere!

Who was your least favourite character?

I was a little disappointed with the way Astraea was used in this episode. It looked like Mikako had some insane plan to use her to destroy Tomoki, but it didn’t quite work out that way. Maybe, she had done it to remove Ikaros, which would make Mikako a certified evil genius… yeah, that’s what was going on there. Bravo, Mikako. Bravo!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 17 Mikako

Would you like some more?

More! Yes, give me more! I loved this series the first time, but I think I’m enjoying it, even more, this time. This was another of those amazing episodes that have nothing to do with the story at all. It was just pure unadulterated fun, which is one of the great things about this show. They can do that, but the characters are so well done that it doesn’t miss a beat. If you haven’t seen this show, I would highly recommend it.

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  1. “He is Mask du Pants! ”

    I can’t even read the words without laughing! This show is just great!

    • Yeah, this whole episode is just epic. I want to know who decided to use a pair of panties like a luchadore’s mask? Just unreal and so funny!

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